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sitely updates
It is now March Madness.

Nominate a story/one-shot/poem and get a banner.

Simple as pie. Tasty, tasty pie.

March Madness
So much alliteration lately but it works.

So here's the low down on all things Project Fiction.

Firstly: Nominate and you'll get a cute banner you can rub in all the other kids faces.

Secondly: Is Quizilla even still a thing? Do people actually publish their work on it still? We've gotten exactly zero nominations from Quizilla in the past two years.

And lastly: Change is coming. Kinda like winter but with way less death and Sean Bean and dire wolves. We, the PF ladies, have some stuff in the works that you'll really like. Change, however, is still a ways off but what we want to know is what you guys think should change around here. Drop a message in the chatroom or shoot us an email. We are all ears. What should we focus on improving? What new features would you like to see come to PF? What would you like us to bring back? Tell us these things. We want to know.

The PF Gals

Posted on 2014 Mar 06 by stafflets
Noms November
Is it lame to write just Noms instead of Nomination? Idk- when I write Nomination November it feels all official and professional-like. We're not electing a new president. Noms November is cutesy and reminds me that I have a candy bar waiting for me. What do you think? Noms November it is.

As maybe you've gathered from the context clues it's now officially Noms November. Which means nominate the hell out of all your favorite online fiction. Hit that button on the top of the page boxed in pink title 'nominate' until your finger is nothing but blisters. If you're one of those kids who has a phobia of pink boxed buttons all ya gotta do is drop a link in the chatroom or shoot us an email at (also get some help- pink's not that scary).

But wait there's more! You wont be doing this just for a sense of accomplishment and pride-- you'll be doing it for cute little banners made by our lovely Coco. That's right my cohorts. You nominate a story/poem/one-shot and you'll get a cute little banner so fast you'll have to fix your hair (Get it? 'Cause the speed of the noms banner coming at you would stir up some wind and would mess up your hair. Good one, right?).

So let's review. You nominate you get a banner. Which let's face it-- isn't as awesome as winning a iPhone or candy bar but we are not made of money or actually even have any. But we've got heart, damn it. And as every Disney movie has ever taught me-- that's all we need. We've got heart, banners, and a conveniently placed nominate button.

Nominate. Get a banner.

Nominate. Get banner.

Nominate. Banner.

Also: Yes, in case you're wondering, I did actually link all seventeen noms on this page to our nomination page. You're welcome.

PF Gals

Posted on 2013 Nov 05 by stafflets

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