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    Vivacity by imperfectromance
    Sarah Ford is not ashamed to admit she smokes pot and drinks alcohol. Until her childhood crush returns to Metropolis, which is really just the beginning of her problems.
    Total: 7

    Collision Course by Cupid's Psyche complete
    Lucas had it all -- popularity, a devoted girlfriend, a brotherly best friend, and a loving mother who would do anything for him. His life was right on course to be a successful and fulfilling one, until the crash changed everything. It happened late one night during a sudden downpour. That evening, three young lives were lost and one life was left irrevocably altered. As the lone survivor, Lucas finds himself surrounded by swirling gossip of reckless drunkenness from the small town he used to warmly call home. Amid his own guilt and self-hatred, Lucas struggles to find hope, find peace, and maybe, even find love again.

    Total: 67

    Apocalypse Minor by YasuRan
    Savannah Atwood's everything he never knew he wanted, a minor heartbreak in his humbled world. And all Ben May needs to understand is why potential like that can wither into the cracks so loudly, so paralyzingly...

    Total: 6

    Like Eiderdown & Disendowers by Whirlymerle
    She wasn't naturally exceptional, but she took honors and ran varsity and maintained for herself a place among high achieving, well-rounded students. Until her brother with his B.S. in business established The Market as fortune, himself as its diviner, and a certain ex-venture capitalist as God.
    He thought her endearing the way all hardworking students were. He thought himself dedicated as only a teacher could be. And yet when she brightened, she made him feel as if he were the only person in the world who could keep her aglow.
    Total: 26

    Skinny Little Scammers by madalinaballerina
    Life is a mess and so is Arabella. She lives a life of lies and secrets and thin desperation. When her two best friends overdose, Arabella's fragile sanity comes crumbling down. This is the story of her life. It's not a pretty story, but neither is she.

    Total: 6

    Summer Skies and Ocean Eyes by LittleSilverCompass Complete
    Calico is fed up with moving around so often. Now her Mother has moved her to live by the ocean, which she uses as an escape every night. It seemed that she just might get used to this place- playing soccer and spending her days by the beach every day with her new friends- but now she is caught up in a mysterious boy that she just cannot figure out. They have strange relationship and she learns a lot more about him then she is supposed to. A tale of the relationship between Calico and this true beautiful disaster of a boy and how they evolve.

    Total: 148

    Come Home Holland by saeglopur
    Holland was just thirteen years old when she fell in love with a man whole stole her.

    Total: 8

    Tennessee by wilde Complete
    For the very first time, Tennessee Monroe is telling the truth. Even if it kills her.

    Total: 54

    The Reanimation of Vienna Barker by LettersToNormandy
    After five years of not seeing the boy, Max, that Vienna Barker is absolutely in love with, Vienna is more than thrilled to be in Max's arms. But when he tells her that he is now engaged, right after Vienna and Max share a passionate kiss, Vienna completely breaks. There's only one thing she can do now. Run. Vienna purchases a one way ticket to Paris, vowing never to look back. Things go smoothly for the three years until she runs into someone she thought she'd cut out of her life forever.

    Total: 59

    Undream the Echoes by Complete
    This story revolves around Liam Berkshire, a jazz-loving, kindhearted soldier, and Elle Crestfield, a tough yet romantic cafe owner. The story switches from past to present, portraying Liam and Elle during different stages of their relationship throughout the seven year timeline. What starts out as a simple, carefree romance quickly transforms to something more serious and heart-wrenching after Liam is sent to war. The couple must endure a series of hardships that can tear them apart at any moment, while at the same time struggling to find happiness. Then, when it seems nothing can get any worse, Liam receives a piece of bad news from the doctor: He has less than a year left to live.

    Total: 56

    Why is the Sky SAD? by The.Wiz Complete
    James MarKent had always been shy, painfully so, avoiding public speaking, hiding away from his crush. And then it happened, the event that changed everything. Social Anxiety Disorder, the words weighed him down, locking him in a life of utter solitude. Once James thought he had it all figured out, he had finally adjusted to the horrid emotions that trailed him like a shadow, she came back. As his father's new employee, Emma befriends James, awakening the feelings he had felt years back. She was perfect, she was beautiful and she had secrets of her own.

    Total: 29

    Touch of Ivory by Maisweetlove
    Nihal has a problem: she has a fear, which is losing the people that are dear to her. Firmly believing in her theory that problems aren't to be reckoned with, but tossed aside until they solve themselves, she denies to consult a psychiatrist and drives her parents to the decision to send her back to her roots, a place where she spent her happy, childhood days, back to Bodrum, Turkey to live with her aunt, at least until she finishes her senior year and is ready for college. As time passes, Nihal meets new people, reconnects with the sea, her spirit and discovers one more person, Selim - a mysterious boy that developed his taciturn behavior thanks to life's bad fortune and likes to vanish like a mechanism to escape his problems. A story about how the wheel of life turns for people like Nihal, for now she is in the same position her family was with her; she wants to help Selim overcome his fears and solve his problems.
    Total: 28

    Dreamgirl by marilyn
    Bowie's sleeping with her dead boyfriend's ghost Lucia. America, Anderson, and Roy are caught up in some sleepy love triangle. This is not an action-packed romance. This is a drowsy fairytale for the stoner heart.

    Total: 38

    How Willow Died by the dalliance.
    He stole me one afternoon from everything I had ever known-ever loved and no one even noticed. I was not the first stolen girl. There were plenty of other girls before me; too many for him to remember all of their names. He talked about how they begged for their lives and how it didn't mean anything to him. He said he liked the thrill of it all from choosing a girl to deciding when and how she would die. He told me the same thing could easily happen to me if I made him mad enough. He stole me and kept me in the mountains where I watched more girls die in his basement. I never wanted to be like those girls so I did things-things too terrible for me to ever say out loud. Maybe when you read the letters to my capture you'll finally understand my story.
    Total: 5

    JULIUS by germs
    Once upon a time, twelve girls fuck one dead boy parallel to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Each girl narrates their own story depicting their downward spiral upon meeting this mystery boy. Relentless and miserable, Julius Castle wrecks his disciples in a dozen different ways.
    If you're listening down there, Julius, fucking save them.

    Total: 5

    Finch by Lestat de Lioncourt. Complete
    Nicholas Neily loves. He sings. He's never understood. What he doesn't understand is how his beautiful birdie, Eleanor Mason, could have such cruel acts commited upon her. With the girl he's loved more than half of his life by his side, he goes back home to watch his sister marry a man he hates, and to create a chaos he had never imagined possible.

    Total: 38

    Mind Suicide by geneva
    He likes the hollow feeling and the visible lines of his ribs.

    He likes control.

    Total: 6

    Letters From Cages by Avata Complete
    Gwenith Hewlett was sure of one thing: She loved Carter Wright since the instant she first saw him. But what happens when that love is tested with something she, and him, never imagined could happen? Both nineteen, and two weeks after Carter asked Gwenith to marry him, he is arrested and charged for the murder of a young boy, Daniel Cody. Carter claims he's innocent, but he is convicted, and begs Gwenith to stay with him. Will Gwenith stay with the love of her life even though he's behind bars? Or will she try her hardest to move on? But through Gwenith's struggles, she can't help but feel that there's more to this murder than anyone knows, and she's ready to find out what exactly happened that cold night in February. But as things start to unfold, she doesn't know who she can trust. And in many others' minds, some secrets should be left undiscovered.
    Total: 32

    Obedear by pallid
    Jaxon Reid is a self pitying, brooding nineteen year old artist with a sarcastic sense of humor and melodramatic tendencies that lives a quiet and routine life alone after his parents' death. His life after has been a series of trial and error, trying to find the ebb and flow, and learn how to live without a hand to hold. He seems to be doing just fine before he puts grocery shopping off for too long and meets a girl under the cart return at the A&P Food Market late one night. Now his biggest mistake has been falling in love with Belvidere's infamous Venus Fraser. Because she's reckless, uncontrollable, far too rambunctious...and dying. She doesn't want love, comfort, or to settle with a mediocre life; she refuses to fear death and to die with regrets. And a relationship to her is nothing but an anchor. She's a heartbreak waiting to happen and all Jaxon can do is watch.

    Total: 5

    Being Wrong by Luck Dragon
    Charlie has had a rough life, but getting away from his abusive father doesn't suddenly make everything okay. His grandparents don't understand him, and adjusting to his new surroundings feels like more than he can deal with. Music is the only thing that seems to help, so when his grandma confiscates his iPod he follows the sound of music to his neighbour's front door.

    Travis hasn't exactly had an easy start to life either, but he's been away from his parents for a while and he's doing his best to move on. When he sees Charlie struggling, he wants to do everything he can to help. With the support and acceptance he so badly needs, Charlie decides he wants to find out what's really wrong with him. Travis doesn't think there's anything wrong with Charlie, but he can't deny that he needs help. Despite the challenges they face from both their families and their pasts, Travis is determined to stick with Charlie every step of the way.

    Total: 1

    She by essence.
    Intoxicated by Andrew, Lauren Fae finds herself struggling to become sober and be with the true love of her life, Nicholas. She slowly finds herself losing control over everything, ultimately making a decision that changed her life forever.
    Total: 4

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