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Science Fiction
    Winter Wakes by LettersToNormandy Complete
    Maggie never worried about what she would do in the future; she would inherit her father's funeral home. But when a violent, mood-swinging ghost crashes into her once normal life, things in Maggie's life take a huge turn. Simon forces Maggie to do everything he demands, harming her if she dares disobey. When she transfers colleges to an Ivy League college, Maggie discovers things about this violent, though sometimes caring, ghost. What just is it that Simon Dreyton hiding, and why?
    Total: 82

    The Parks Escape by MikeJPW Complete
    Eighteen year old Andrew Parks had in every which way lived an average life. He hadn't had many accomplishments to mention. His most glorious moment had come when he egged freshman Tommy Woodson from forty yards away while hanging out the passenger side window of his buddy's ride. His most courageous act came when he asked Serra Jenkins, the prettiest, most popular girl at school, to the prom; she had let him down easy. Had someone told him his life was all going to change at a knock at the door, that everything he had known and trusted in his world was about to transform, he would've called "Bull shit!"

    Total: 25

    Second Wind by luckynamegame Complete
    Second Wind is set in the post-apocalyptic year 2650, when a shipwrecked girl with a horrible case of amnesia is dragged aboard a cargo ship called Second Wind. A stranger to the new, confusing world in which she was forced onto, she fumbles around in a desperate attempt to find her identity and regain her forgotten memories. And in the midst of her own troubles and doubts, a dark secret of the ship rises, posing a deadly threat to the stability and lives of everyone on Second Wind. To help stop this danger, the stubborn and hard-headed girl must put her life on the line for the people who have helped her, and test her courage in the ultimate trial that will change her life forever.

    Total: 3

    The Last Library by Lara Bykirk Complete
    Three hundred years after a traumatic evacuation from Earth, humans are getting along just fine. Sure, books and music are banned, and most planets are ruled by warring gangs or despotic governments--no big deal. Kurt Ransom, for one, is perfectly happy. But when a lamentable shortage of cash induces him to take a runaway onboard his ship, his life gets a lot more interesting than he ever bargained for.
    Total: 4

    Freaks and Fortune by Ms. Marauder Complete
    Ivy Bailey, a teenage runaway, tries to find her place within the endlessly moving world of Piccadilly's Family Circus and Carnival. She must earn her keep as an errand-girl and try to avoid the circus' troublemaking fire-breather: Calvin Orion. But Cal simply refuses to leave Ivy to her work and quickly becomes a mysterious element of adventure she didn't bargain for.

    Total: 47

    Tripolitico by gr8oldgrumpy1 Complete
    Agent Luth flees the rigours of a career in OHQ and buys an illegal Earth visa. But when his vacation turns into yet another agency mission he finds himself on a journey into both space and time, hunted by assassins and racing against the clock to fulfill the demands of an overly ambitious General. Gestalt - the god-like mind in charge of the iNet transportation system - and the immortal Tourist Alain Dar Siron, both have Luth firmly in their sights and in his flight from them, Luth will find himself exploring not only the far corners of space but the very nature of time and perception. At the fringe of humanity, revelations and the apocalypse of mankind await. And at the end of all things lies a madness of biblical proportions, a conspiracy so deep that its key players were present at the very birth of the universe. Luth is all but lost within the warped web of this conspiracy, with only one way to survive, he must achieve the impossible... and escape the universe.

    Total: 14

    Ethernet by KamikazeKid
    Welcome to Ethernet. Welcome to the Ether: Digital glory and escape from the norm. You do not join Ethernet. The Ether joins you. Follow the rules and the Ether will become you. Break the rules and the Ether will destroy you. Invitation Only.
    Total: 4

    When Man Has Fallen: Renegade by Animus Argentis
    An outbreak unlike anything the world has ever seen threatens to cut down and enslave the entire human race, like countless others before it. One man must rise above all odds and face his destiny, leading the remaining forces of humanity on a crusade against the enemy; losing everything he's ever known along the way, but gaining more than he's ever dreamed. The Masses are calling... Join or Die.

    Total: 46

    Kid by Alias Blue
    Teenagers with strange powers are being rehabilitated into normal, school life, but what have they come from? Alfie, a secluded, almost-mute is struggling to adjust. He's thrilled when his erratic mentor and companion, Kid, joins him, until the past begins to catch up with them and other less welcome faces reappear. As Alfie's world begins to disintegrate, he realises that superhuman abilities carry dysfunction at their core. To finally feel comfortable in his own skin he has to unravel the plots, secrets and truth behind it all - before Kid really does do something crazy.

    Total: 9

    Metal Organism Designed only for Cuddling by Ebonstorm
    In 2110, a child's artificially intelligent toy (in the form of a cat) becomes self-aware and decides it should take over the remnants of the shattered and dystopian world. Needless to say, it is a bit nonplussed to discover it doesn't even have claws. With a backdrop of a world on edge, climate gone wild, oceans devoid of life, and mankind, stinking, starving and bordering on extinction, there is a plan, the Great Diaspora, to take mankind to the stars, but if left to the powers that be, not everyone will be going.

    Total: 6

    Samsara Effect by AspynRose
    There seemed to be only one thing standing in the way of the Novian Republic, but the citizens knew not just what it was, as their family members were taken from them, and very few ever came home. In the city of Advens, a man is killed, said to have been a threat to the Novian Republic and everyone in it. At the very same moment, just as the life leaves the man, a new Novian is born: Oliv Hazard. In a different city, far from Advens, a hair-pulling girl lives with her father and half-brother. She had never been outside the Novian capitol building. The dead man, the boy, and the girl are all connected...but how?
    Total: 2

    Little Bloodbeat by lookingwest
    Hartwin, a gamer junkie with a talent for computer hacking who lives in a dystopian under-city, joins a team of cyber thieves after his girlfriend leaves him with nothing. After a heist gone wrong, Hartwin embarks on a journey to save his exiled best friend, but not without battling a virtual gaming addiction that has left him emotionally apathetic. Hartwin must learn how to cope with reality, even when that reality becomes fantastical. Neuromancer meets Grimm's Fairy Tales in a cyberpunk world where the big bad wolf is not always who it seems.

    Total: 20

    Notation by Audrey Jones
    She's stuck; she was dropped in an endless loop leaping through time periods as soon as she step foot in the time stream. He was stuck; obsessing over a girl he only saw once before. Jane stumbled into Adam's life once, she could do it again. This time, she accidentally brought him into the same predicament she's in- being stuck in the life of being a Time Traveler.

    Total: 2

    Restart by Tyler Jungbauer
    The year is 4026. It has been seven hundred years since the last world war of earth that left it plagued with disease and destruction. The last war that exterminated the "Old Ones" who lived before, in their towers of glass and flying-cars. Seven hundred years since North America fell to ruin. Since then, the "High Lord" of the east has claimed his throne in the Imperial Tower, located in the city of "York," and who is building an army to claim the mountainous lands of the west as his own. With his armies marching out for war, and no one to stop him, the west lands are hopeless. Except, there is ONE who can stop him. Robald, son of Rosan the Great Warrior--ancient enemy of the High Lord of the east--has been banded together with Madeline of Harper's Worth, the shaman of the mountains, and even a supposed "Old One" who knows how to defeat the High Lord. Setting out to stop the High Lord, as well as to reunite the east and the west again, Robald has accepted the challenge....

    Total: 1

    Vestiges by Dan & Nick
    Five years ago, a new space-race came to a tragic end. Spurred by astronomers' prediction of Earth's decimation three years prior, the most capable of our governments and corporations scrambled to build gigantic, life-sustaining colonies in orbit, where they sought refuge and watched while our planet was turned into a tomb. Those who made it into space are now all that remains of mankind - a small preservation of our flawed species forced to live together, waiting for the ice to thaw and the dust to clear, so that the strongest among them may descend back to the Earth's surface and begin a new history in their name.
    Total: 4

    Adam 2.0 by
    Adam wants to feel the sun on his skin. He wants to feel the tide move between his toes. He wants to feel the wind in his hair. But Adam is not human like us. He cannot feel these things as we do.

    He is a robot programmed to mimic human life.

    But what makes us human is not our capacity to live, but our capacity to die. For it is in the knowledge that our time on this Earth is limited, that men have done great things with their lives.

    And somehow, without being programmed to, Adam knew this too.

    Total: 5

    Heaven/Hell by decay
    Dr. Stephen Arrow discovered Planet X in the year 2123 when Earth's resources were quickly diminishing. In 2145, he sent a group called The Pioneers to Planet X mainly to send resources back to Earth, but to also gain the trust of the native people, the Iridem. Demetria Lincoln and her brother, Ares, were a part of a group known as Human X. Human X were products of Pioneers but citizens of Planet X, whom have only known the new planet, the Iridem, and nothing else. After a discovery made by a Pioneer, Dr. Arrow puts forth Operation 63, a plan that could potentially destroy Planet X as they know it. Demetria, the Human X, and the Iridem must put aside their differences and join in revolution against Dr. Arrow and reclaim the planet they called home.

    Total: 2

    Fragile Things by silk tea. Complete
    In 2012, just like the Mayans had predicted the apocalypse truly happened. It was not a zombie apocalypse, nor was it global warming. The Earth and all its inhabitants did not perish, but the world did die. It seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. One moment it was high noon in New York City, and the next it was black as night. Citizens in Australia found it strange when the sun had not risen by nine in the morning. The sun had expired, blinked out like a light bulb and left the rest of the world in the dark.

    What humans survived, when the 'sunlight' machine had been fixed into a safely constructed mechanism were quarantined. Some all over the world, which ones have survived still were unknown. The human population is receding every day.

    Total: 1

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