sitely updates
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sitely updates
PF is still alive.

Nominate serial ficiton, short stories, or poetry, and keep us going!

Project Fiction in the ICU
I am here. The site is alive-- but like only like slightly alive. Think intensive care unit. Due to lack of personnel and a lack of time to keep up with all the awesome things on the site we have chopped things down to just the list.

So nominate your little hearts out my cohorts.

Eventually, hopefully, we'll be back up and running full steam. Thanks for sticking with us!

The PF Gals

Posted on 2014 Sep 23 by stafflets
March Madness
So much alliteration lately but it works.

So here's the low down on all things Project Fiction.

Firstly: Nominate and you'll get a cute banner you can rub in all the other kids faces.

Secondly: Is Quizilla even still a thing? Do people actually publish their work on it still? We've gotten exactly zero nominations from Quizilla in the past two years.

And lastly: Change is coming. Kinda like winter but with way less death and Sean Bean and dire wolves. We, the PF ladies, have some stuff in the works that you'll really like. Change, however, is still a ways off but what we want to know is what you guys think should change around here. Drop a message in the chatroom or shoot us an email. We are all ears. What should we focus on improving? What new features would you like to see come to PF? What would you like us to bring back? Tell us these things. We want to know.

The PF Gals

Posted on 2014 Mar 06 by stafflets

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