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sitely updates
PF is still alive.

Nominate serial ficiton, short stories, or poetry, and keep us going!

Publishing for-wait for it- REAL
So just in case you've been living under a rock and haven't checked our Facebook or were enlightened through our beautifully written Resistance Wire-- then this is what's currently happening in Project Fiction land.

We are refocused strictly on writing help, and now--are you ready?--publishing help. Holy shit, holy shit-- Are you guys for real!? Yes, we are. Its exciting as all hell. There is a handy new menu item entitled Publishing Help that includes information for you and the professional writer in you. We will now take requests for free services such as market research for your new idea, book proposals, and editing.

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The PF Gals

Posted on 2013 Sep 29 by stafflets
What's Happening in PF Land?
As you may or may not of noticed (depending on just how much you love to lurk in the dark corners of PF) there has been a significant lack of activity all around for months now. Except, I have to point out, for our Facebook page which you can thank Ariel for. She's really rather awesome. But yes, the inactivity by us, the staff members, has been appalling.

It's not that we suddenly have decided to hate all things fiction and shun the eye candy that is this layout *cough*I'msoawesome*cough*. It's just that we no longer have the time to put towards PF that we did before.

Le gasp Chester-are you saying that you are nuking PF?!?!

HELLS TO THE NO! (yeah... I haven't gotten any cooler since the last time we talked. I mean, I did get my first ever ear infection but that didn't have the mutating side effects that I'd hoped for-still the same level of lame).

Eve and I would not and could not kill Project Fiction. But we are not giving the site, its visitors, our loyal fans, and all the awesome things we've added on over the years the attention and love it deserves.

So we have decided to cut it back down to the bare bones. What that means is no more Betas, Project Publish, contests, Authors of the Month, or Novel of the Month. Sad, I know. But until we can get a handle on things or learn how to juggle real life and PF those lovely little features aren't coming back.

All we are now is a list of awesome fiction.

This does mean that you can still nominate poetry, one-shots, and fiction you find. Did you read that correctly? You CAN NOMINATE any and all metaphorical diamonds in the rough.

The chatbox and radio are still available to you. Basically anything in those three drop down menus to the left over there is open to ya.

That's what's up. You don't have to panic and set things on fire. Understand that we love you, our loyal and incredibly awesome cohorts, and we hope that you'll stay with us until the zombie apocalypse breaks out and by extension the internet and all electronical things die.

We are only an email away or a quick jaunt to the cbox if you wanna piss and moan or shower us with unwavering love and support.

The PF Gals

Posted on 2013 Sep 26 by stafflets

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