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Publishing and Writing Resources

This page is not a resource for writing help; we already have that here. Rather, this is a page for finding tips and tricks on publishing your work and marketing yourself as a writer or editor.

Writer's Market - Subscribe to the magazine or read free at your library, and get the free e-newsletter. Offers publishing, writing and marketing adivce for writers, editors, and anyone wanting to get into the publishing industry. Also has listings for software, publishing services, organizations, contests, and conferences.

Publishers Weekly - Subscribe for print and digital yearly subscription or read free at your library, and sign up for their free e-newsletter. Info on the publishing business, best-sellers, author news, book reviews, publishing jobs, and other publisher news.

GalleyCat at Media - Subscribe to free e-newsletter that prides itself on being "The first word on the book publishing industry." Offers publishing job listings, blogs on bookseller deals and sales, book reviews, and writer resources. Media Bistro, the host site, offers individual courses for an array of opportunities such as copy editing, writing, and marketing that can be taken online for low prices.

Shelf Awareness - Info on books and the book industry, gives author interviews and book reviews for the best selling books, and keeps you up to date with the newest, most talked about books to come. Subscribe to the free e-newsletter.

Publishers Lunch at Publishers Marketplace - Subscribe to the free e-newsletter of the site that offers publishing jobs and up-to-date industry news of deals, proposals, writers, bloggers, and agents.

Indiebound - Information on new and best-selling self-published books in the industry that's growing in popularity.

Grammar Girl - Subscribe to free e-newsletter. She offers a lot of good grammar tips and tricks, and keeps you up to date on new developments and happenings in the language world.

The Subversive Copy Editor Blog - The editor of the Chicago Manual of Style has a blog about writing, editing, and language. She also wrote a book titled "The Subversive Copy Editor." Read and read.

Linkedin - Create a network of writers, publishers, and editors to connect with. Post your professionl profile and resume, and market yourself as a writer, editor, or whatever else you are wanting to do.

Peer Reviewing and Editing - Wonderful article that praises the benefits of peer reviews and peer editing for the sake of better writing--whether you are a student, teacher, writer, or editor (or all of the above!). Also includes several links to resources to help you get started.

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