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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can ask us anything pertaining to Project Fiction using our account. You can see the most frequently asked questions below or you may visit us at our Formspring itself to see other questions and answers.


How can I become a part of your team?
We encourage all those interested in positions here to send us an e-mail [] to tell us a little about yourself and what you could bring to our site.

We look for those who are active with Project Fiction in some way and those that show interest in what we do. We are always looking for help in every outlet possible.

How can I contact you?
Our e-mail that we check periodically every day is You can write to us there for any comment, question or suggestion you may have, as well as any nominations. You can also find us at the major fiction websites, the links of which you can find on the bottom of each page.

How can I follow your updates?
You can sign up for The Wire Newsletter to get updates in your inbox once or twice a month, or for more frequent updates by the lively staff member Ariel, you can become a fan of our Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


What is the nominating system all about? How do I nominate?
The nominating system is there for you to tell us which stories, short stories, or poetry you wish to be on Project Fiction's Good Lists. You can nominate stories and one-shots by clicking here. You can nominate your fiction or anyone else's fiction.

How long does my story need to be in order to be accepted?
For a chaptered story you need to have at least four chapters already posted online. We ask for this much so that we have enough to decide whether or not we will accept it.

Can I reapply once I've been rejected from the Good Fiction, One-Shot, or Poetry List?
Yes. Once you are rejected, feel free to check out the selected fiction from the Authors of the Month (AOTM); read AOTM interviews for inspiration; have yor work reviewed, copy edited, or proofread; or all of the above. Then simply submit your story again. There is no limit on how many times you can submit your story.

ABOUT AOTM (Author of the Month)

How does an author get chosen for Author of the Month? Can I apply? If so, where?
We chose authors by sifting through the best stories on the fiction sites. You cannot apply, but we do allow anyone to suggest authors on the Writer Watch page of the website. This will contribute to a list of writers which we will look to when deciding on an AOTM. You can suggest yourself or any other author, as you can remain anonymous.


What is online fiction?
Online fiction is fiction that anyone can publish online anonymously to be rated and reviewed by anonymous readers. Usually it is posted in chapters, very much like serial publication in newspapers or journals. What we do is weed out the not-so-good ones and provide links to the best ones. You can find online fiction on many websites, such as Inkpop, Fictionpress, and Mibba, etc etc.

What is a "one-shot"? What is the difference between a "one-shot" and a "short story"?
A one-shot is a term used for short fiction that is published online. It is shorter than a novel-length story. The term "one-shot" has been termed and used by online fiction web sites such as Mibba and FictionPress. We are simply adopting this term. One-shots and short stories are the same thing and can be used interchangably.


Is the security on this site good? I'm pretty serious about my writing and I don't want anything to get stolen.
The only security we have is disabling the right click, which is just as much as any other fiction site. You are taking a risk just by posting your fiction online. You have to trust people not to steal it. If you don't trust them, then you have to trust the other kids that will tell you if and when they find your fiction elsewhere. Keep in mind, Project Fiction only promotes good fiction, we do not host it.

This page last updated: 9-26-2013

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