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sitely updates
PF is still alive.

Nominate serial ficiton, short stories, or poetry, and keep us going!

Project Fiction Games
Bored and looking for something to do/play? Here's a few games we've put together to entertain you for a good three and a half minutes!

By Project Fiction

  • The Project Fiction Staff Name Generator - you may not be a part of Project Fiction's behind the scenes Staff Team but what if you were? What would your awesome Team name be? Try out our generator and be sure to share your Team name with us in the shoutbox!

  • The Elements Suggestion Box for Writing - This is a cool box of suggestions in which you all get to challenge your creative intelligence and interact with each other by submitting your ideas for fiction and/or or reading the ideas others have submitted. Stuck in a writing rut? Use this interactive writing tool to get out of it!

    By Other Web Sites

  • Free Rice - Build your vocabulary while you cure world hunger!

  • Lunchtimers - Become a child again and play with the letters on the refrigerator.

  • Music Catch - Listen to sweet melodies while playing a simple game for a few minutes.
  • Resistance Fun