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sitely updates
PF is still alive.

Nominate serial ficiton, short stories, or poetry, and keep us going!

What is Project Fiction?

Project Fiction bridges the gap between online publishing and traditional publishing. We offer writing and publishing advice, author interviews, and free services such as helping with book proposals and editing manuscripts.

Our mission is to help young and new authors get free advice from online communities and then transform their ideas into the confidence and drive they need to succeed in publishing their work.

But wait there's more! Not only do we help authors find a footing in the real live publishing world but we also host an archive of amazing stories, one-shots, and poems found all over the web. That's right-- we actually hunt (like the Winchesters 'sept we don't salt and burn 'em) for fiction to promote and share with a wide audience.

Blown your mind, huh? Yeah, well that happens when you're around this much awesome.

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This page last updated: 9-26-2013

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