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Life Lines

The Write Away is a LiveJournal community created to help writers improve their work through solid feedback from readers, and to bring all its members together in a place safe from plagiarism. It is a close knit community of people who all have the same goal: making each other the best that we can be. We also have a forum available that we share with our sister community, Plagiarism Haven.

One Page Per Day, is a very simple web typewriter that presents you with a single blank page each day. You are free from the tyranny of the infinite page. Our mission is to provide writers with a useful writing tool that helps remind you to take some time each day to write. You deserve it. Our glimpses section also gets lots of people reading snippets that some authors choose to share of the work they're doing. All writing is completely private and the site is 100% free.

Chalk is a site dedicated to the writing cause. It encourages writers to submit their own work, to ask for help, and to display others' work. It is a place to help each pen find its paper, and each writer to find their muse. Through a variety of features, Chalk is here to help.

Monster Reviews was created for writers and readers alike on Fictionpress, paving the way to a new kind of review. Our mission is to help writers grow and to show readers an alternative way to review a story.

Fire Me Up! a great writer's resource site. They provide prompts, plot bunnies, author interviews- almost everything a writer needs to begin a story.

Fiction With Bite is a site dedicated to promoting talented amateur authors who write stories about the supernatural. The site was started on Quizilla in May 2007, but went through a period of stasis. It was revamped in early 2009 and is back with a vengeance, dedicated to showcasing the best FictionPress has to offer in the way of supernatural stories. It contains a comprehensive list of superlative supernatural stories, divided into six categories, as well as other features relating to the supernatural.

pf approved writing guides

Here is a much needed and highly appreciated guide on How To Calm A Kidnap Victim written by the knowledgeable Esamonia.

Are you a Review Addict? Check your rabid pulse with "The Review Addiction" written by Mockingbyrd's Tune.

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