For some, Loki is a villain, but for others, he is a hero. There are a plethora of stories that explore his character in greater depth, showing him as everything from misunderstood trickster to a mean and tragic villain and an unexpected hero. Being the god of mischief Loki is witty, funny, and mischievous and these traits are probably why people like him so much. He’s everything Thor isn’t. Loki fanfiction is not just for those who want more from the cheeky villain; the best Loki fanfiction stories have been written for everybody, especially those times when people have been looking for something a little different and entertaining!

Best Loki Fanfiction

What is Loki Fanfiction?

Loki fanfiction is a genre that examines the character of Loki from the Marvel universe. He is an original character written in, but not limited to Marvel as he is based on the Norse mythological god of the same name. Loki fanfictions can be new and original Loki stories that explore his origins, back story, and family history, often explaining why he acts the way he does or revealing something new about him altogether. Loki fanfiction has different genres, fantasy, humor, tragedy. A lot of the stories are centered around Loki’s backstory and his relationship with Thor after he is adopted into Asgard. Others include him falling in love with mortals like Jane Foster (and how that leads to more complications than you would think).

Why Read Loki Fanfics?

Loki fanfiction is popular for its witty humor. Loki is known for his tricks and often tries to make Thor look stupid. If you are looking for fun and entertainment, Loki fanfiction is for you. While the stories are humorous, they also go deeper than just funny antics and generally explore his character as a whole. With such an extensive back story, it is no wonder so many authors have created different versions of how he came to be and what happened in the centuries after! This gives people a reason to read Loki fanfiction and to delve deeper into his character.

What to Expect from Loki Fanfiction?

Expect to be entertained. Loki is a complex and fascinating character, and fanfiction writers have had a lot of fun exploring his different sides. You can expect to find stories about him that are funny, dark, romantic, angsty, and everything in between. There is no one “type” of Loki fanfiction. Some stories may focus on his trickster side, while others may explore his more tortured aspects. Some may be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), while others may be set in the world of Thor or Asgard. As fanfictions are mostly amateur made, you will often find spelling and grammatical errors, but this can be overlooked for the most part.

11 Best Loki Fanfictions

There is something for everyone when it comes to Loki fanfiction. So, sit back and enjoy the ride – don’t worry, no spoilers!

Note: Be aware that the events in these fanfictions are not canon-compliant, in part because many were written before some of the MCU movies were released.

1. Totally Whipped

Author: Taila-Tai

Chapters: 26

Words: 77,620

Story: If you’re looking for a post-Avengers fix, look no further than Totally Whipped. Olivia Romero is a total badass when it comes to handling her weapons, so SHIELD comes to her when they learn of the Chitauri’s plans to overthrow Earth. With Loki and the Avengers by her side, Olivia must help protect Earth – but can she also find time for a normal life? Totally Whipped is action-packed and full of humor – perfect for any fan of Loki and the MCU.

Note: Once you start this, it is very hard to put it down!

2. Seven Devils

Author: Wauwabee

Chapters: 17

Words: 73,208

Story: Step into the world of Avengers fanfiction with Seven Devils. This novel tells the story of Agent Vanessa Brown and Loki, two characters who are forced to work together in order to save the world. As they battle against evil, they form bonds and friendships that will be tested. With secrets exposed and questions about the future, this story is sure to keep you engaged until the very end. So, grab a copy today and delve into the world of Seven Devils!

3. Blue Blooded

Author: PrincessofConflict

Chapters: 20

Words: 30,252

Story: Loki is back and he’s not taking any prisoners! In this exciting fanfiction, the God of mischief kidnaps a young employee of Tony Stark which forces the Avengers into action to help her through an extremely difficult change. This is without a doubt one of the best written Loki fanfictions around and with plenty of humor, action and adventure, this story is sure to keep you entertained from beginning to end.

4. Mornings After

Author: EtLaBete

Chapters: 10

Words: 39,128

Story: If Loki slash is what you enjoy, Mornings after is the fanfiction that’ll leave you wanting more. When Tony Stark gets sick with the flu, Loki is sent to check on him. What starts as a simple visit quickly spirals into something more, and the two find themselves engaging in a series of morning-after’s that neither can resist. With each new chapter, you’ll be desperate to see what happens next. This is definitely the Best Loki Slash Fanfiction so grab a cup of coffee and settle in for some hot, steamy reading.

5. The Path to Hell and Redemption

Author: Myth Queen

Chapters: 81

Words: 190,770

Story: The Path to Hell and Redemption is an epic, rollercoaster of a read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Loki, Thor’s mischievous little brother, has been brought back to Earth by Thor in order to protect him from the angry Asgardians. Under a spell that makes him younger when he uses magic, Loki must live with The Avengers in Stark tower until he is ready to return to Asgard for his sentencing. Along the way, there are plenty of twists and turns, as well as heart-pounding action scenes. Start Reading today!

6. Sætta

Author: StarsInTheRiver

Chapters: 42

Words: 79,143

Story: What happens when Loki, the God of Mischief, is killed in battle and reincarnated as a young boy? In Sætta, the author explores this question by telling the story of Loki’s journey from an amnesiac youngster to a powerful deity. Along the way, he must earn the trust of his brother Thor, the Avengers, and himself – all while dodging old enemies seeking revenge. This fast-paced novel is full of thrilling action scenes and witty dialogue. Readers will love following Loki’s adventures as he struggles to come to terms with his past and navigate the treacherous waters of where he is now. So, if you’re looking for an exciting read with plenty of mischief and drama, read Sætta today.

7. Loki’s Return

Author: Moonbird

Chapters: 32

Words: 55,964

Story: What if Loki had a return by the very end of “Avengers Endgame”? In this fanfiction, written by an up-and-coming author, you’ll find out. Laugh and cry your way through hilarious hijinks and heartwarming moments as our favorite trickster god makes his grand return. If you’re looking for a good laugh, then this is the read for you but be careful – although sleeping is optional, I wouldn’t want to start this book too late, or you won’t want to go to bed!

8. A Job for A God

Author: It’s All About Them

Chapters: 40

Words: 41,236

Story: Introducing A Job for a God, the perfect solution for anyone looking to hire a talented, ambitious individual with a proven track record of world domination. Loki is ready to start his new life in New York, and he’s determined to make things work this time – no matter what it takes. So, if you’re looking for an experienced, motivated employee who’s ready to take on whatever challenge comes their way, look no further than Loki. He may have a few… tricks up his sleeve, but trust me, you won’t regret giving him a chance.

9. Teen Spirit

Author: Trotthefox

Chapters: 26

Words: 64,579

Story: Introducing Teen Spirit, the fanfiction that rewrites the Avengers as high school students! When Loki’s experiment goes awry, the team (and Loki himself) are suddenly reverted back to their sixteen-year-old selves. Now they have to navigate high school life while also completing a top-secret mission from Fury himself. With all-new interactions between your favorite characters, hilarity ensues, and Teen Spirit is sure to be a hit with fans of all ages! Trust me, this is better than it sounds!

10. Homeless Liars

Author: Mythluver241

Chapters: 16

Words: 31,033

Story: If you’re looking for a twisted, dark, and thrilling read, then Homeless Liars is the fanfiction for you. There’s something dark and twisted lurking in the mind of a 12-year-old homeless girl. And when she meets Loki, the god of mischief and lies, they can’t help but find a mutual attachment. So come join Loki and his new friend, a young homeless girl, as they leave their old lives behind and forge a new path together.

11. Cassidy Scott-Stark

Author: Phwhystler

Chapters: 40

Story: Cassidy Scott-Stark is the Loki Fanfiction is the perfect read for any Marvel fan. After the death of her mother, Cassidy Scott is sent to meet her birth father- Tony Stark. What follows is an exciting tale of adventure, romance, and mystery. With stunning writing and lovable characters, this novel is sure to keep you entertained from beginning to end! I’m not crying, you’re crying!


You know you’re in for a wild ride when Loki Fanfiction is your chosen reading material because fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe know that Loki is one of the most mischievous characters in the series. His ability to trick and deceive others, his quick wit, and his humorous personality make him a fan favorite. These are the 11 Best Loki fanfiction stories around so read Cassidy Scott-Stark now!

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Did You Know?

“Loki was confirmed in episode 3 of ‘Loki’ to be the first openly gender fluid lead character in the MCU!”

“In Norse mythology, Loki is associated with the serpent and was often represented by two snakes circling each other!”

“In the original comics, Loki is introduced as a red-headed ruler of Hades until he was reimagined by Stan Lee and given the adopted Asgardian lineage!”


Is Loki good or bad?

Loki is neither good nor bad. Loki does things of his own volition, but he does not necessarily do these things for either moral or immoral ends.

This makes Loki amoral in nature – he does not act with an eye towards the “good” or “evil.” He’s more akin to chaos than anything else, which might put people off who are looking for a hero-villain dichotomy when it comes to him.

Is Loki the god of mischief?

Yes, Loki is the god of mischief, the Norse deity known for his many schemes and deceptions. Loki is also a shapeshifting god who can take on any form to suit his motive, especially those that involve wealth or women, but he also enjoys playing tricks just because it gives him pleasure!

Is Loki fanfiction funny?

Not all Loki fanfictions are funny but with Loki’s mischievous character, stories based around Loki are the perfect outlet to write humorous fanfiction.

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