The internet has made it easier for people to share their creative work with the world and one place where this is evident is in fanfiction. Many stories often explore what-ifs involving characters in a discussion, but sometimes they delve into other worlds that may or may not be part of the original work’s canon. These works are typically reserved for fictional characters, though some fanfictions also include real people as well. Other times, writers create their own independent world from scratch using a minor character from another piece of popular fiction to build an entirely new story around them. In this list, we will take a look at the Best Dark Luke Fanfiction Stories that we have come across. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Dark Luke Fanfiction

What is Dark Luke Fanfiction?

Luke Skywalker is the protagonist of Star Wars and a hero for many children growing up in the 90s. Dark Luke fanfiction, Sith Luke fanfiction, Dark Luke Skywalker fanfictions are stories where fans write stories and explore the what-if Luke embraced the Dark-Side scenarios. The stories could take place at any time during Luke’s life; from a child right through to when he is fully trained as a Jedi, but they all have the same theme; Luke embracing his inner darkness instead of rejecting it as he did through the original trilogy.

Why Read Dark Luke Fanfics?

There are many reasons to read Dark Luke fanfiction, but it all boils down to this; if you love Luke Skywalker and want to explore what he could have been like had he embraced his darkness instead of rejecting it, then the stories below will certainly help you with that. Seeing Luke as a Sith, using the dark side of the force and seeing how he has changed based on his environment is always an interesting exercise.

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What to Expect from Dark Luke Fanfiction?

Readers should expect the unexpected, but there are many themes that are recurrent throughout Dark Luke fanfiction. Some of these include:

  • Luke becoming a Jedi Knight only to fall into the dark side after being seduced by it. Other times he is corrupted by another character such as Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine.
  • The other thing that we can expect from Dark Luke fanfics is that they are a lot of fun. Seeing a character that is known to be an emissary of good and having that flipped on its head is sure to entertain.

8 Best Dark Luke Fanfictions

If you like to read fanfiction with a difference and want to see Luke Skywalker as a Sith, read on as we list our 11 Best Dark Luke Fanfiction stories.

1. The New Empire

Author: SithMasterJosh

Chapters: 5

Words: 74,142

Story: Do you long for a darker, more powerful Luke Skywalker? Then join him on his journey to become Darth Sidious’ new Apprentice! Follow him on a thrilling journey as he takes his first steps down the dark path, determined to become a powerful Sith Lord. You will need to read this book if you want to embrace the Dark Side… of Luke!

2. Forsaken

Author: Chemical Ghost

Chapters: 9

Words: 12,751

Story: This is not your average happy-go-lucky Luke fic. No, this is a bleak and angst-ridden tale of love and loss, betrayal, and revenge. Leia and Luke are battling with their inner demons as the Skywalkers are consumed by the Dark Side. This story has powerful writing that draws you in from page one, so, sit back, get comfortable, and let yourself be consumed by the darkness.

3. Sweet Revenge

Author: Valerie Vancollie

Chapters: 1

Words: 11,599

Story: If you’re looking for a story that packs a punch, look no further than Sweet Revenge. This Dark Luke one-shot fanfiction is sure to leave you reeling. What if Luke had tapped into the Dark Side while he was still a child? The possibilities are endless – and downright chilling. So, if you’re looking for a tale that’ll keep you engrossed in the dark, Sweet Revenge is just what you need.

4. Duel of Fates

Author: TheMagicMasterMind

Chapters: 8

Words: 30,442

Story: Luke Skywalker is faced with a difficult choice in this dark and twisting fanfiction tale. When he discovers the truth, he has nothing left to lose. Will he be able to resist the pull of the Dark Side? With stunning writing that draws you in, Duel of Fates is an engrossing read that you won’t be able to put down.

5. His Only Daughter

Author: oXShadowXo

Chapters: 16

Words: 21,022

Story: His Only Daughter is a dark and twisted fanfiction about Darth Vader’s children. When Darth Vader finally finds his children, he seduces Luke to the Dark Side, but Leia is not interested so the emperor wants her dead. Can she survive in a world ruled by darkness? Or will her brother finally catch up to her?

6. Things We Don’t Bother to Learn

Author: Shortiethegiraffe

Chapters: 20

Words: 70,187

Story: Looking for a dark and gritty fanfiction story with an unexpected ending? Look no further than Things We Don’t Bother to Learn. In this story, Vader kills Palpatine and takes over the Empire without being burned on Mustafar, and finds Luke and Leia just after they were born. Leia grows up on Coruscant, while Luke travels with Vader, learning the Dark Side. If you’re looking for an exciting and action-packed story with plenty of twists and turns, then you’ll love Things We Don’t Bother to Learn.

7. Dynasty

Author: Valerie Vancollie & Rebecca Thomson

Chapters: 45

Words: 332,375

Story: Dynasty is the dark Luke fanfiction you’ve been waiting for. When Luke is abandoned on the first Death Star, Vader takes him to Coruscant and begins to train him as a Sith. As Luke learns about the Empire and the Dark Side, he hears of his best friend’s exploits in the Alliance. Dynasty is an epic tale that will keep you entranced until the very end.

8. Black Squadron

Author: Azalea Scroggs

Chapters: 28

Words: 118,020

Story: Looking for a Dark Luke fanfiction like you have never seen before? Look no further than Black Squadron. This novel tells the story of young Luke Lars, who is assigned to Darth Vader’s personal TIE fighter squadron. With the Dark Lord of the Sith keeping a close eye on him, life on the star destroyer isn’t what Luke was expecting. If you’re looking for an edge-of-your-seat Star Wars read, then pick up a copy of Black Squadron today!


We have highlighted some of the best Dark Luke fanfiction stories we have read, and they are sure to leave your heart racing and blood pumping with adrenaline. Whether you want a story that explores what-ifs or delves into other worlds for entertainment purposes, we hope these tales will satisfy your craving for something different than the original Star Wars trilogy. Let us know which ones were your favorites or if you have come across any deserving of our list, let us know!

Did You Know?

“For a short time in the Dark Empire comics, Luke falls to the Dark Side of the force!”

“In Legends, after RotJ, Luke marries Mara Jade – one of Palpatine’s former assassins!”

“Luke builds his green lightsaber himself in Return of the Jedi – this scene did not make the final cut!”

“Luke’s original surname was to be “Starkiller”, but it seemed too villainous and George Lucas feared it would be associated with Charles Manson!”


What is Luke Skywalker’s full name?

Luke’s full name is Luke Skywalker but was also given the name Luke Cliegg Lars when he was growing up on Tatooine. The pseudonym was given to help keep Luke hidden from the empire.

Is Luke Skywalker dead?

Yes, Luke dies at the end of The Last Jedi but returns as a force ghost in The Rise of Skywalker.

Does Luke Skywalker turn to the dark side?

In canon, Luke is never consumed by the Dark Side of the force although, in the Dark Empire comics, Luke does fall to the Dark Side for a short period before returning to the light.

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