Living in the age of the internet means that Harry Potter fanfic is everywhere. There are so many talented writers around that when you read some stories, you could be forgiven for thinking that JKR had actually written them herself. There are many different sub-genres of Harry Potter fanfic and numerous crossovers with other franchises that it is hard to find things that could well be considered canon. Stories where the characters or canonical events have been changed, cannot and will not ever be considered canon as they are too far removed from the original JKR source materials. After many hours of reading and researching the topic, we have found some really amazing stories online that are so well written and satisfying that they complement the original works and are good enough to be considered canon. If you want to read something that expands and enriches the Potterverse, check out some of these stories that are good enough to be canon!

Harry Potter Canon

What is Harry Potter Canon?

Although there remains debate between true Potterheads as to what is seen as canon, there is a 3-tier system that is often used to define what is considered to be canon in the wizarding world.

Tier 1 – Original Works by JK Rowling

The ultimate guide as to what is tier 1 canon includes everything that JKR has written herself or publicly acknowledged as canon. This includes:

  • The original 7 novels (Written by JKR)
  • All Companion Stories (Written by JKR)
  • All Original Scripts (Written by JKR)
  • Other Writings or Official Statements from JKR

Tier 2 – Creative Works Assisted by JK Rowling

Tier 2 canon is any work that has been undertaken in the Potterverse that has been created with the assistance of JKR at some point during the production. This includes:

  • The 8 Cinematic Movie Adaptations Derived from the 7 Original novels
  • Other Official Movies Set in the Harry Potter Universe
  • Official Books About the Making of the Movies
  • Theme Parks Based on the Harry Potter Universe

Tier 3 – Licensed Works by Third-Party

Tier 3 canon is any work that has been authorized by JKR or Warner Bros. that is set in the Harry Potter universe, but which has not been created with assistance from JKR. This includes:

  • All Video Games
  • Harry Potter Trading Cards
  • All Other Official Merchandise

Is There any Canon Harry Potter Fanfiction?

Although imitation is said to be the highest form of flattery, fanfiction is considered the lowest form of canon – so much so that fanfiction does not even make a 4th tier and is not considered canon at all. There are numerous fanfictions that have been written with the intention of expanding the Potterverse and its characters. Some of them are written with such passion and skill that they achieve a level of believability good enough to exist alongside the original writings by JKR. Albeit, although many are truly good enough, at this time no fan fiction has ever been acknowledged by JKR and accepted as canon in the Harry Potter universe.

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5 Best Harry Potter Fanfics Good Enough to be Canon

If you want to expand your knowledge of the Harry Potter Universe and you don’t know where to start, below we have come up with some really great, engaging stories that could easily be considered canon if they received the appropriate acknowledgement.

1. The Escapades of Teddy Lupin

Author: Nymphxdora

Chapters: 30

Words: 150,843

Story: Originally written as part 1 of a 7-part series, this story centralizes on Teddy Lupin and his friends as they embark on their first year at Hogwarts. This book really screams authenticity like it was written by JK Rowling whilst also being extremely original and introducing a couple of new concepts that have gone down very well with the readers. I won’t give you any spoilers but if you have not read The Escapades of Teddy Lupin, you really should.

2. The First Day

Author: Little0bird

Chapters: 55

Words: 251,033

Story: The story is set in the immediate aftermath of book 7 and covers the story of the central characters across the next year. There are many fanfictions that have attempted this arc, but none have been as compelling as this. This story approaches the characters and emotions with a great deal of sensitivity, realism, and originality with many people claiming that this story is headcanon (canon in their opinion). From the very beginning, The First Day is an emotional rollercoaster that embodies everything loved by fans should be read by all Potterheads.

3. Hogwarts Houses Divided

Author: Inverarity

Chapters: 32

Words: 205,083

Story: A story that covers Teddy Lupin and friends as they embark on their journey through Hogwarts. This is a journey of discovery and an attempt to join the houses rather than leave the old broken system of divide in place. This may sound like an unlikely journey, but it works and there are many people that prefer this story as headcanon over JKR’s own The Cursed Child. Hogwarts Houses Divided is an extremely well written and gripping read that you will not be able to put down.

4. A Call to Arms

Author: My Dear Professor McGonagall

Chapters: 37

Words: 164,905

Story: A Call to Arms is set to run alongside book 7 primarily focusing on the characters that are not central to the main story. This is another very well-received story that fills in the blanks that book 7 was unable to cover. A very well written and clever addition to the Harry Potter Universe and easily on level par with JKR’s writing (one reader even goes as far as to say that the battle scenes in this story are better than JKR!). If you want to read a clever retelling of well-known events from a different perspective, A Call to Arms is for you.

5. Not from Others

Author: FloreatCastellum

Chapters: 35

Words: 133,362

Story: Another story in our list that runs concurrently with the events happening in book 7 and this one is from Ginny Weasley’s point of view. Described as the secret pages from book 7, this take on events has everything; it can make you smile, it can make you angry, it can make you laugh and it can make you cry. One commenter says “It’s so believable, so heartbreaking, so honest and real” so once you have read Not from Others, you will have to try and convince yourself that it isn’t canon.


There we have it, the 5 best Harry Potter fanfics good enough to be canon. All of those that have made the list have gained a following are in some people’s eyes are considered canon. It is not surprising to find that there are writers out there with such a love and passion for this franchise, that they are able to write stories that are on par with the original author.

Did You Know?

“On alone, there is over 650,000 Harry Potter fan-fictions – a lifetime of reading!”

“If you find a fanfiction so good that in your mind, you consider it to be canon – this is known as headcanon!”

“A writer named Northumbrian has written 89 Harry Potter fanfics and they were all considered canon compliant until The Cursed Child was released – many people still prefer the works written by Northumbrian over CC by JKR!”


What are some good Canon Harry Potter fan fiction?

Officially there are no official canon Harry Potter fanfics although there are many that have been written with the intention of being canon-compliant. Some of them are so believable, once you read them, they instantly become headcanon.

Are there any good Harry Potter FanFiction?

Yes, there are loads of good Harry Potter fanfiction stories out there. Some stick as close to the original source material as possible whereas others are set in alternate universes or are written with alternate timelines. There is something out there for all Potterheads that want to get their fix of the Potterverse.

How much is Harry Potter FanFiction?

Harry Potter fanfiction is free to read and can be found in many places online for no charge. Sites like Wattpad and have thousands of stories available to read.

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