The author JK Rowling created one of the most immersive and magical fictional stories we have seen in modern times. The world of Harry Potter was originally written as a 7-book series with a number of complimentary books to expand on the universe (including a sequel set 19 years after the end of the 7th novel). These books themselves were extremely successful but the fandom grew to unimaginable levels when the cinematic adaptations were released. The original 7 novels were adapted into 8 movies with each of the first 6 novels making a single movie and the 7th novel being made into 2 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2). Millions of adults and children around the world love the series and are part of what has become the largest fandom in the world. This fandom crosses all boundaries and includes people from all walks of life. When you take the love that the Harry Potter world receives and combine that with the limited source material available, it has become an inspiration for other writers, movie makers and content creators to expand on the universe itself with Harry Potter Fanfiction. If you’re not sure what fanfic is all about but want to get started reading some Harry Potter Fanfiction – this article will give you some ideas!

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What is Harry Potter Fanfiction?

Harry Potter Fanfiction is a genre of fan labor in which fictional stories and characters from the Potterverse are written by fans. The term can be applied to any new and original fan-made Harry Potter story about characters or settings from an existing work of fiction, such as a TV show, movie, book series, video game etc. Fanfiction has traditionally been published in magazines, photocopied books or on the internet. As fandom culture becomes increasingly mainstream with sites like Tumblr and Wattpad for sharing content, more people are creating their own writing at home or publishing it online for others to read. Cinematic Harry Potter fanfiction is also becoming more popular and with advancements in technologies available, it is increasing in its quality too with some being so good that it could easily be considered canon.

JK Rowling and her publishers are generally supportive of fanfiction as long as it is not for profit and does not use the original characters or settings without permission. Rowling also does not like her characters to be used in a sexually explicit way in any form of erotica. There are a number of cases in which writers or filmmakers have been sued by the original creators for copyright infringement although the legality of fanfiction is something that has yet to be fully understood or properly tested in court and it is likely that this will continue to be an issue as the genre grows in popularity.

Why Read Harry Potter Fanfics?

For some people, reading fanfiction can be a way to get more out of a story they enjoyed, and this is particularly the case with Harry Potter. There are many well-written fanfics that explore what happens after the final novel’s conclusion or provide backstories to characters that may not have been explained in Rowling’s own writing. Many fans appreciate fanfiction as an expression of appreciation for their favorite characters or setting and enjoy reading and writing it for the pleasure of it. It can also be a way to explore different aspects of a story or to see what could have been if different decisions had been made.

How to Get Started with Harry Potter Fanfiction?

If you’re not sure where to start, there are several websites that are dedicated to the genre where you can read free stories about popular characters in the Harry Potter universe. If you are looking for professionally published fanfiction, however, Patreon is a good place to start where writers post finished works or short updates for their supporters. If you want to be able to find new fanfics all in one place, sites like FanFiction, Archive of Our Own and Wattpad are great for finding stories that have been categorized by character, pairing or type. Finally, if you want to watch cinematic fanfiction based on the Harry Potter universe, this is a great place to start. There are many short films that are dedicated to the genre and offer a variety of content to suit everyone’s taste.

Is There any Harry Potter Fanfiction that is Considered Canon?

No, Fanfiction will never be considered canon. There are all sorts of fanfics out there and although they can never be considered canon, some are written with the intention of being canon compliant with authors keeping their work as close to the information JKR added over the years as possible. There is also another whole host of other Harry Potter fanfics out there that are not even intended to be canon-compliant. Authors will often use their creative license to reimagine storylines, change characters, events, and even create crossovers with other fictional universes such as the one where Percy Jackson resides.


Ultimately, deciding whether or not to read Harry Potter fanfiction is up to you. Whether you’re looking for an alternative universe in which the story continues after the final novel’s conclusion or just want something that can entertain you when there are no new books being released, it has never been easier to find the content you will love.

Project Fiction Tips

“To find the latest cinematic Harry Potter Fanfic, check YouTube, you may be surprised at the quality of the acting, directing and effects!”

“To get started on Harry Potter fanfic stories, should be your first stop, although you may be overawed by the amount of content available there!”

“If you are looking to write some fanfic yourself, jump in and give it a go although make sure you do your research and don’t cover anything that goes against Rowling’s wishes!”


Does JK Rowling support fan fiction?

JK Rowling has given her blessing to many Harry Potter fanfictions but has rejected others, particularly those that are erotic in nature. JK Rowling will also not endorse any fanfic that has been made for profit.

Can I publish my Harry Potter fan fiction?

It is unlikely that JK Rowling will allow the publishing of Harry Potter fanfiction that allows somebody to profit from her intellectual property. Although the legality of such things is still considered a grey area, it is likely that reaching a settlement could be difficult for someone without the legal resources of Rowling.

Has JK Rowling written FanFiction?

There are no known reports of JK Rowling writing fanfiction, but it is not out of the realms of possibility that she has added more material to the wizarding world or even other worlds without making it known to the world.

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