Naruto and Percy Jackson are two of the most popular characters in their respective series. People love them for different reasons, not to mention the fact that they’re both just plain awesome. So, what would happen if they met? What would be the result of such a meeting? Would they become friends and learn from each other? or, would they become enemies and hate each other? Whichever it is, one thing’s for sure: they’ll have an interesting time together. That’s why we’ve compiled 10 great Naruto/Percy Jackson crossover fanfiction stories so you can enjoy this wonderful mash-up too!

Percy Jackson and Naruto Crossover Fanfiction

What is Naruto Percy Jackson Crossover Fanfiction?

Naruto and Percy Jackson crossover fanfiction is a storyline written by fans where Naruto characters somehow interact with Percy Jackson characters. Whether it’s through meeting each other, teaming up, or anything in between – you’ll see the Naruto cast interacting with their Percy Jackson counterparts!

Why Read Naruto Percy Jackson Crossover Fanfics?

There are a lot of Naruto and Percy Jackson fans out there, so most likely they’ll enjoy seeing both universes collide in an epic adventure! Fanfiction can be created in any way that you could imagine, and some people like to see their favorite characters out of their comfort zone or interact with characters that they would not normally see associated with them. It’s an interesting experience to explore two very popular universes in this way and I tell you what, it is hella fun!

What to Expect from Naruto Percy Jackson Crossovers?

Good crossover Naruto Percy Jackson fanfics will have an engaging plot, original ideas, and strong writing. Essentially what makes any good story good! The more those elements shine through, the more enjoyable the story will be. You’ll see the Naruto and Percy Jackson characters in different environments, meeting new people (with different personalities), fighting against different enemies, dealing with different problems, etc. Most authors will have their work proofread but you are likely to still find the odd spelling error or grammar mistake, but you have to remember that these stories are often written by hobbyists and not professional authors. As long as there is a cohesive storyline and good characterization, there is plenty of potential for a great new adventure!

10 Best Naruto Percy Jackson Crossover Fanfictions

If you are looking for a story combining characters from your favorite universes, look no further, we have compiled our list of the best Naruto Percy Jackson Crossovers just for you.

1. Naruto’s in Charge

Author: CrazyApplesandOranges

Chapters: 1

Words: 1,467

Story: We are going to start you off with this brilliant one-shot. Follow along as Minato leaves his son in charge for the day and discovers just how wild things can get when Naruto is in charge! Part Percy Jackson, part Naruto, this book is a must-read for any fan of either series.

2. Hyper Plus Trouble

Author: CrazyApplesandOranges

Chapters: 1

Words: 2,396

Story: We couldn’t have this list without the hilarious sequel to Naruto’s in Charge. Join Kakashi and Sasuke on their latest adventure, as they cross over into the world of Percy Jackson! With Naruto in tow, things are sure to get chaotic – but it’s all in good fun. Laugh along with the characters all while trying to keep Naruto out of trouble. This short story is guaranteed to leave you entertained!

3. Son of the Weaver

Author: Infernofox01

Chapters: 15

Words: 29,043

Story: Combining the world of Naruto with that of Percy Jackson, Infernofox01 has created an incredible fanfiction crossover. In “Son of the Weaver”, Naruto breaks the mold and demonstrates the true potential of weaving. With amazing action and powerful storytelling, this is one fanfiction you don’t want to miss!

Note: This is book 1 in a 4-book series. The grammar is not great but does get better as the series progresses – if you can look past this, the story is immensely entertaining!

4. Hero of Heaven

Author: HistorianoftheKais

Chapters: 40

Words: 213,189

Story: Hero of Heaven is an amazing and unique Percy Jackson Naruto crossover fanfiction that is sure to keep you entertained. In this story, the Kages have sent Naruto to another realm in order to save it from a mad man. While in this new world, Naruto will have to discover his mother’s divine identity and survive the challenges that come with it. If you’re a fan of these franchises, you won’t want to miss out on this story!

5. The Death of the Moon’s Light

Author: Zeckromizder

Chapters: 2

Words: 9,245

Story: The Death of the Moon’s Light is a heart-wrenching fanfiction crossover between Naruto and Percy Jackson. In it, Naruto dies after sacrificing himself to save his mother. His loved ones are left to mourn his loss, wondering how they’ll go on without him. If you’re looking for an emotional read, then this story is for you!

6. Terrible Timing

Author: Verypoorunistudent

Chapters: 4

Words: 23,286

Story: If you’re looking for a heartwarming story of friendship, look no further than Terrible Timing. Naruto, the village shinobi, and Artemis, daughter of Zeus and goddess of the hunt and their friendship through the years. Laugh, cry, and cringe along with them as they deal with Terrible Timing in this one-of-a-kind story!

7. Son of the Queen

Author: HaretaSora

Chapters: 13

Words: 54,858

Story: The adventures of Naruto and Percy Jackson collide in this fanfiction crossover that is sure to excite fans of both series. When the village tries to banish Naruto, his mother Hera intervenes and takes him away to her realm. Chaos ensues when she drops him off at camp, especially when Zeus gets involved. Son of the Queen is sure to keep you entertained as Naruto crosses paths with demigods and monsters alike.

8. Reasons

Author: OneShotMasta

Chapters: 1

Words: 3,173

Story: Reasons takes the best elements from both worlds and mashes them together into a tale that is both exciting and insightful. It answers the questions readers have always wanted to know about the characters of these two popular tales. With action, adventure, humor, and romance, Reasons is sure to please all of the die-hard fans out there.

9. The Child of the Moon: The Lightning Thief

Author: Royal Bioforge

Chapters: 24

Words: 97,191

Story: Percy Jackson and the gang are back in an all-new adventure that crosses over with the world of Naruto! When young Naruto Uzumaki wakes up in a strange world, he has no idea of the adventure that awaits him. He quickly realizes that he is not alone in this new world – and that powerful forces are at work, powers that could destroy everything he knows. Filled with nonstop action, humor, and heart-pounding suspense, this is a crossover you don’t want to miss!

10. The Sage of the Wild

Author: BetaMayhem

Chapters: 30

Words: 92,490

Story: What would you do if you were pulled from your world and thrust into another, with only a vague mission and no idea how to accomplish it? Naruto has faced perils untold in the Fourth Shinobi World War, but nothing could prepare him for what awaited him after. Summoned by a god, he’s left with little choice but to try and save another world – even if that means teaming up with the Bijuu. Can Naruto succeed in a world of meddling gods? Or will he be lost forever?


If you’re a fan of Naruto and Percy Jackson, then these ten stories are for you. They combine the best elements from both worlds into captivating plots that will keep you entertained all day long. These are there 10 Best Naruto Percy Jackson Crossover fanfictions that I have read but if your favorite adventure isn’t on this list, let us know! We’ll take a look at it to see if it’s worth including in our next blog post. Remember – the opinions of others matter too!

Did You Know?

“Percy Jackson is the son of a mortal woman and one of Olympus’ most powerful gods, Poseidon!”

“Percy has only one close relative that he acknowledges – this person happens be a cyclops named Tyson!”

“The Naruto run is a running style based on the way characters in the anime series ‘Naruto’ run, with their arms outstretched behind them!”

“Kishimoto originally wanted to make Naruto a child who could transform into a fox, but he changed his mind and went on to create a story about Ninjas!”


Is Naruto Percy Jackson fanfiction any good?

As with any fanfiction, there are many factors that go into whether it is any good or not. Some are great and others can be mediocre. One of the factors that go into the quality, however, is whether or not it stays true to the feel of each series.

How many chapters should a Naruto Percy Jackson fanfiction have?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, as long as the story is fun to read. Some stories may be only 1 chapter while other might be 100+ chapters. It all depends on what the author wants to focus on, how long they want it to be, and if they feel like continuing or not.

Are Naruto Percy Jackson crossovers easy to read?

Whether or not the crossovers are easy to read will depend on your prior knowledge of both franchises and how well written they are. Some authors are better than others at making it easy for readers who are new to this type of story genre, while others are able to create standalone stories that can be read by anyone.

Is Naruto Percy Jackson fanfiction technically considered crossovers if they’re completely different worlds?

Technically speaking, yes. The definition says that a crossover is when two fictional characters from different universes appear in a single story. While most Naruto Percy Jackson crossovers have a combination of the two worlds, some only feature elements from one world or another. So, it might seem like something is missing, but technically speaking these are still crossovers.

What genre does Naruto Percy Jackson fanfiction come under?

Technically speaking most Naruto Percy Jacksons fanfictions would be considered crossover stories. There is no set genre with regards to the tale told as there are some with action and comedy themes all blended into one. There’s also usually romance as well if that’s what you’re looking for! Truth, is, the genre is dictated by the storyline and not the characters.

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