So, you’re a fan of the Pokemon anime and games, but do you know that there’s another way to enjoy your favorite characters? You can read about them in fanfiction. Written by people like you and me, the number of storylines that are possible is limitless.

Best Pokemon Fanfiction

What is Pokemon Fanfiction?

Pokemon fanfictions are stories that are written by fans just like you, who want to explore their favorite character relationships or tell an alternate version of events from a particular season. The great thing is that these authors have been able to create something entirely new from what we already know about our favorite characters – it’s almost as if they’re speaking directly to us! If this sounds appealing, then keep reading for a list of 13 amazing fan fiction stories that will have you hooked!

Why Read Pokemon Fanfiction?

If you like excitement, adventure, and drama (who doesn’t?), then you’ll love reading about your favorite characters in some of the best Pokemon fanfiction stories on the web. These authors have taken our beloved characters and turned their world upside down and inside out, throwing them into different kinds of predicaments that will keep you on the edge of your seat until it’s resolved!

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What to Expect from Pokemon Fanfics?

Pokemon fanfiction can do something that is extremely important – it can fill in all those gaps between events that only happen off-screen or even create entirely new stories. How does Ash react when he loses a battle? Which Pokemon does Gary choose to start his journey with? What happens to the family of one of the gym leaders after they lose their badge? In fanfiction, you can get answers to obscure questions like these and more.

13 Best Pokemon Fanfictions

I have personally read hundreds, if not thousands of Pokemon fanfics and have put this list together of 13 of the Best Pokemon Fanfiction Stories on the Web.

1. The End of Team Rocket

Author: Recresta

Chapters: 38

Words: 158,385

Story: No more Mr. Nice Guy. Ash Ketchum is on a mission to take down Team Rocket once and for all in this hilarious and action-packed fanfiction. With his powerful Pikachu by his side, the Pokemon Trainer is ready for anything the evil syndicate can throw at him. Full of laughs and excitement, The End of Team Rocket is perfect for any Pokemon fan out there.

2. Master Quest: Beginnings

Author: Potat lasaro

Chapters: 23

Words: 219,906

Story: Do you have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master? Ash Ketchum is about to find out. In this Pokemon fanfiction, follow the rookie trainer as he attends a League-sponsored school and struggles through classes, rivals, and Team Rocket. With all the challenges he faces, can Ash make it to graduation?

3. Caged Wings

Author: DestinyHead123

Chapters: 44

Words: 470,906

Story: WARNING: This fanfiction is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a light-hearted story about Ash Ketchum becoming a Pokemon Master, then you’re in the wrong place. Caged Wings is an epic tale of adventure and suspense, with a much more mature Ash. Prepare to be swept away on a journey that will change everything you thought you knew about this beloved character.

4. Pokemon: Return of a Hero

Author: Nemon0416

Chapters: 58

Words: 146,738

Story: The International Champion Tournament is being held in honor of Ash Ketchum, who disappeared one year ago after saving his friends from Team Rocket. When a mysterious trainer arrived wearing red and entered into the competition without any warning or introduction; it is clear that something more than just competitive battling would take place this day. Something with deep meaning for not only ourselves but also all those involved…

5. Battles of the Past

Author: Mightyena’s Shadow

Chapters: 25

Words: 114,017

Story: Think you know everything there is to know about Ash and Giovanni’s rivalry? Battles of the Past will take you on an all-new adventure that pits the two against each other in a high-stakes tournament. With new challenges around every corner, can Ash finally bring down his archenemy? Or will Giovanni emerge victoriously?

Note: A little Amourshipping too!

6. Savior

Author: Oceanbreeze7

Chapters: 19

Words: 115,765

Story: Savior is an epic fanfiction crossover between the Pokemon and Anime/Video games universes. When an evil organization threatens to upset the balance of good and evil, Arceus steps in to restore balance himself – with the help of human Pokemon Trainer Red. With unforgettable characters, action-packed scenes, and a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Savior is a must-read for any fan of all Pokemon universes.

7. The Day a Rattata Saved the World

Author: Zombie Cat Scientist

Chapters: 1

Words: 30,311

Story: Think you know everything about the world of Pokemon? This Pokemon fanfiction will make you think again. In this epic fanfic, a Rattata and a blind and deaf Eevee team up to try and save the world. With action, adventure, and plenty of Pokemon-style humor, The Day a Rattata Saved the World is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

8. Pokemon Volt Yellow

Author: Blu Rose

Chapters: 23

Words: 191,955

Story: Red Ketchum is a Pokemon Champion and a legend in the Kanto region. Before all that, he was just an outcast from Pallet Town – and he had one heck of a Pikachu. Join Red on his wild adventures as he battles gyms, defeats criminal organizations, and becomes the best Pokemon Trainer in the world!

9. Your Cup of Tea

Author: Pkmntrashcan

Chapters: 16

Words: 31,483

Story: If you’re looking for a new and exciting Pokemon fanfic, look no further than Your Cup of Tea. Set in the Alola region, Moon struggles to find her place in the world. With no gyms or leagues to compete in, she turns to running a cafe. But when she meets Hau and the Aether siblings, her true dream is revealed. Filled with adventure, friendship, and plenty of Pokemon action, this fanfic is sure to keep you entertained. So come on over and join Moon on her journey through the Alola region today!

10. The Journey Never Ends

Author: Waras

Chapters: 69

Words: 325,374

Story: Enter a world of adventure, where good and evil clash in an epic battle for the fate of the world. Rocket Nation has come to Kanto, and only Ash Ketchum and Allie Dogwood can stop them. Traveling across the region, battling nefarious villains and Pokemon along the way. Can they put an end to Rocket Nation’s reign of terror?

11. The Legend of the Sky Cat

Author: Kissy Fishy

Chapters: 40

Words: 112,011

Story: The Legend of the Sky Cat is an epic Pokemon fanfic that will leave you on the edge of your seat. When Ash Ketchum sets out to slay the legendary Sky Cat, he has no idea what he’s in for. This creature is unlike any other, and it’s more dangerous than any other Pokemon in the world. Will Ash be able to defeat it? Or will he become its next victim?

12. Ghost of Oblivion

Author: Cori Shadowfang

Chapters: 81

Words: 187,291

Story: Be careful what you wish for. When Eris accidentally summons Yveltal, she doesn’t expect to become his servant. But the destruction pokemon has other plans: he offers her his assistance in exchange for her help in creating chaos. Now Eris must choose between submission or rebellion, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

13. The Team Rocket Chronicles

Author: Red Dragonfly

Chapters: 40

Words: 169,279

Story: Welcome to the Team Rocket Chronicles, a Pokemon fanfiction story about everyone’s favorite villainous team. Follow Jesse and her older sister Jaquie as they navigate the dangerous world of Team Rocket. With powerful pokemon at their side and an unruly group of teammates to deal with, these two sisters are in for a wild ride. So, whether you’re a longtime fan of Team Rocket or just looking for a fun new read, the Team Rocket Chronicles is sure to please.


If you’re a fan of Pokemon, then you’ll definitely want to check out these amazing fan fiction stories! These stories are written by fans of the game and anime series, and they provide a new and unique perspective on the characters and events that have been portrayed in the shows and games. So come on over and meet Ash and Pikachu or join Moon on her journey through the Alola region today!

Note: If you have read any stories that you think we would appreciate, let us know today!

Did You Know?

“The first Pokemon movie was released in Japan in July 1998!”

“The word Pokemon is derived from the words Pocket Monsters!”

“The first Pokemon videogame was released for Nintendo Gameboy in 1996!”

“The first episode of the Pokemon anime aired on TV in Japan on April 1st, 1997!”


Did Pokemon come out as a game first?

Yes, the Pokemon game was first released in Japan in 1996. The anime series followed soon after.

There is a multitude of possible explanations for Pokemon’s enduring popularity. Here are just a few:

  1. The characters and storylines are endlessly creative and engaging, offering something new and exciting with each new installment.
  2. The games are challenging and addictive, providing an addicting sense of accomplishment as players progress through the levels.
  3. The franchise is well-marketed and extensively advertised, ensuring that even people who have never played the games know about it.
  4. It appeals to both children and adults, making it a versatile choice for people of all ages.
Which is the most powerful pokemon?

There is no definitive answer, as different pokemon are more powerful in different situations. However, the most powerful pokemon is generally considered to be Arceus. Arceus is the god of pokemon and can transform into any other pokemon, making it incredibly versatile and powerful.

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