Pride and Prejudice is one of the most beloved novels in history, and for good reason. Its characters are richly drawn, and its plot is both engaging and suspenseful. But what if there was more to the story than we originally imagined. What if, after marrying Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet discovered the Darcy’s were on verge of financial disaster? What if she had to make a choice between her husband and his family? One of the reasons people love Pride and Prejudice is because it offers readers a certain level of escapism. But what if you wanted to read something even more involved than re-reading it again? When you read Pride and Prejudice fanfiction, your favorite stories are given new life, giving you an opportunity to continue enjoying things you already know and love.

Best Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction

What is Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction?

Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction stories are original stories written by fans based on the characters and plot of Jane Austen’s classic novel, but they explore different aspects of the characters’ lives and relationships. Fanfictions can sometimes be canon-compliant, meaning that they fit alongside the original work. Other times, they will explore new storylines and answer what-ifs creating new divergent stories featuring your favorite characters. Pride and Prejudice fanfiction is a way to provide a fresh perspective on this beloved story and offer readers a new way to enjoy it.

Why Read Pride and Prejudice Fanfics?

There are many reasons why people read Pride and Prejudice fan fiction, but one of the biggest is simple: readers love the story. They love it so much that they don’t just want to re-read it or watch movie adaptations; they want more. They want to see what happens next in their favorite character’s stories, whether it be at Pemberley with Mr. Darcy or at Longbourn with Mrs. Bennet. When you find yourself craving more than an adaptation can provide, try taking things into your own hands by reading Pride and Prejudice fanfiction stories!

What to Expect from Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction?

Pride and Prejudice fanfiction stories can vary greatly in length and style, so it’s hard to predict what you might find. Some Pride and Prejudice fanfictions might be sequels or prequels to the original novel, filling in small detail’s readers may have wondered about. Others may focus on a moment from the original story, exploring what happened after Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy shared their first kiss or before they met for the very first time at the Netherfield Ball. Still, others may completely recreate Pride and Prejudice with different characters altogether, integrating an entirely new cast of characters we haven’t seen before alongside our old favorites.

11 Best Pride and Prejudice Fanfictions

If looking for something fresh and out of the box, try reading some Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction! Here are 11 of the best that you can find online.

1. Prejudice and Pride

Author: Adela H

Chapters: 19

Words: 47,083

Story: Step into the shoes of Darcy and see what it was like to be on the other side of the equation. This fanfiction takes an interesting spin on things, giving you a fresh perspective on one of the most famous novels ever written. If you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice, then this is definitely a must-read!

2. The Tale of a Rose

Author: CillaT

Chapters: 12

Words: 22,847

Story: Step into a world of elegance and romance with The Tale of a Rose. This Pride and Prejudice fanfiction tells the story of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, reimagined as a Beauty and the Beast fairytale romance. If you’re a fan of Jane Austen’s classic novel or of Beauty and the Beast, you’ll love this enchanting twist on a beloved tale.

3. Is It Pride or Is It Prejudice?

Author: Silvermoony77

Chapters: 11

Words: 36,070

Story: If you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice, you’ll love this modern-day retelling of the classic novel. Emily Belitorini’s life is turned upside-down when her family gets new neighbors, and they navigate the ups and downs of life on the Main Line. This fresh, fun take on Jane Austen’s classic will have you laughing out loud and falling in love all over again.

4. Correspondence

Author: Elivra26

Chapters: 11

Words: 28,696

Story: Step back into the world of Pride and Prejudice with this unique correspondence fanfiction. Experience the beloved story through letters written between the characters, giving you a unique insight into their thoughts, motivations, and feelings about their relationships. From Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet to Lady Catherine de Bourgh and everyone in between, you’ll be entertained by their witty banter and engaging conversations. Whether you’re a fan of the original novel or just looking for an entertaining read, Correspondence is sure to please.

5. Georgiana’s Voice

Author: JacquiT

Chapters: 8

Words: 24,896

Story: Georgiana’s Voice is the perfect book for Pride and Prejudice fans who are looking for a new perspective on the classic story. Told from the point of view of Georgiana Darcy, this fanfic offers an interesting and unique take on the events of the novel. With engaging writing and fascinating insights into Georgiana’s thoughts and motivations, this book is sure to delight fans of Pride and Prejudice.

6. A Mother’s Favorite Wish

Author: Desertrat68

Chapters: 37

Words: 129,922

Story: A Mother’s Favorite Wish is an original, engaging Pride and Prejudice fanfiction that will keep you entertained from beginning to end. Follow the Darcy’s as they are forced to learn more about pride and prejudices than they ever thought possible. This story is full of surprises and will leave you wanting more.

7. An Improper Affair

Author: Mariamaple

Chapters: 14

Words: 38,697

Story: Experience all the drama and passion of Pride and Prejudice, with a steamy twist! An Improper Affair takes the classic love story and turns it on its head, with Darcy and Elizabeth finding themselves irresistibly drawn to each other. Can their attraction overcome the obstacles of society? With plenty of romance, suspense and did I mention romance, this novel is sure to please those that like to read things that get a little hot under the collar!

8. Mutual Pride

Author: LilyJoy92

Chapters: 43

Words: 167,427

Story: Step back into a simpler time with Mutual Pride. A sweet and slow Pride and Prejudice fanfiction that will make your heartache for what could have been. This story is set in Hunsford and follows Darcy’s ill-fated proposal. Elizabeth is angry and won’t stay silent, leading to an exciting story full of romance, wit, and suspense. So, if you’re looking for a good read, be sure to check out Mutual Pride.

9. Love and Hate

Author: Embracing

Chapters: 20

Words: 51,880

Story: When you’re lost in the dark, and you can’t find your way, sometimes the only light is the one burning inside. In this scorching tale of love and hate, follow Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy as they navigate their way through a world of passion, heartbreak, and betrayal. Will they find each other in the end? Or will pride and prejudice keep them apart?

10. Pride and Prejudice in Space

Author: Non-damsel

Chapters: 25

Words: 75,315

Story: Welcome to the amazing world of Pride and Prejudice in Space! Here, you’ll find all your favorite characters brought to life in a whole new way. Elizabeth is a strong, independent woman fighting for what she believes in – while Darcy is the powerful man who captures her heart. If you’re looking for a futuristic retelling of this classic love story, then you’ve come to the right place. Give it a try, it is certainly worth reading!

11. Changes and Charity

Author: Kmairif

Chapters: 30

Words: 37,714

Story: The story follows Charlotte Lucas two years after the events of Pride and Prejudice. After her husband’s death, she is left widowed, pregnant, and poor. Must she immediately search for a new husband? This enchanting tale takes you through the journey of Charlotte Collins as she finds her way into a new life.


Pride and Prejudice is a classic love story that has been told in many different ways. These fanfiction stories offer a fresh perspective on the characters and plot and will keep you entertained from beginning to end. Whether you’re looking for a romantic tale full of suspense and passion, or a funny story with a sci-fi twist, there’s something for everyone in these Pride and Prejudice fanfiction stories. So be sure to check them out!

Did You Know?

“Pride and Prejudice was originally going to be named First Impressions!”

“Jane Austen was only revealed to be the author of Pride and Prejudice after her death!”

“Jane Austen sold Pride and Prejudice for just £110 – this being an awful lot of money in those days!”

“The original novel was rejected, and Jane Austen held onto it and published it nearly 20 years later after success with Sense and Sensibility!”


Who is the pride and who is the prejudice?

They both show both traits. For example, Mr. Darcy is very Prideful in that he is a gentleman and takes great pride in his status and intelligence. However, he can also be quite prejudiced against people who are not of his social class or those who are not as bright as he is.

Similarly, Mrs. Bennet shows a lot of Prejudice against anyone she deems beneath her station in life, and she is often very critical of others. However, she also has moments of Pride in that she is a woman married to a wealthy man and likes to flaunt her status whenever possible.

Is Pride and Prejudice a good book for a 13-year-old?

Yes. Pride and Prejudice is a great book for 13-year-olds because it’s filled with important lessons about life, love, and the importance of family. It can help them learn more about what they want in their future as well as give them some insight into how to interact with people different than they might be used to interacting with. Plus, this classic novel by Jane Austen is sure to provide plenty of entertainment!

Is Pride and Prejudice a real story?

No, it is not a real story. It is a work of fiction by the English author Jane Austen. Published in 1813, it tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet, a young woman who must navigate her way through society in order to find a suitable husband.

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