In an age where books are being replaced by smartphones and tablets, it’s easy to forget that reading is still one of our most cherished pastimes. It allows us to escape from reality for a few hours, enjoy another world without leaving ours, and even get some tips on how best to live life in general. In other words, books have the power to change lives and fanfiction has the power to change the lives of our favorite heroes. Join us as we have a look at the 6 Best Spiderman RWBY Crossover Fanfictions.

Spider-Man & RWBY Crossover Fanfiction

What is Spider-Man RWBY Crossover Fanfiction?

Typical crossover fanfiction involves putting two characters from different fictional universes into a story together. Usually, they don’t know each other and by the end of the story, they either become friends or enemies. The Spiderman RWBY Crossover is one such series where we’ve seen what happens when you combine Peter Parker (Spiderman) with RWBY (pronounced Ruby). While crossovers can be fun to write and read, not all good stories need them. There are those few mind-blowing masterpieces that can work as standalone pieces without needing any other character’s help to make it interesting.

Why Read Spider-Man RWBY Crossover Fanfics?

When thinking about why you should read this crossover, the first thing that comes to mind is what happens when two overwhelmingly popular characters meet one another. As of this writing, RWBY has over 7 million followers on Facebook while Marvel Comics’ Spiderman has over 22 million. Clearly, it’s a smart move on the writer’s part to combine these particular heroes because their fan bases are highly likely to overlap. Fanfiction is a great way to explore different stories and circumstances that you will never see made by official outlets. It is a way to bring characters together from different universes and generally have a bit of fun.

What to Expect from Spider-Man RWBY Crossovers?

For the most part, you can expect to see the two characters from different universes team up to fight crime. That is pretty much what RWBY is all about and there are several crossover fanfictions where they interact with other characters from various other shows. You are also likely to see them team up and take down some of their most infamous villains, which is part of Spiderman’s story as well. This series makes for a great manga type of crossover fanfiction, where you may see everything from humor to extreme violence or even a romance between the two main characters. It has all the high-stakes drama that would make any new reader want to check it out, without being too complicated for those who are new to reading fanfictions online.

6 Best Spider-Man RWBY Crossover Fanfictions

When Spider-Man meets with an unlikely ally: RWBY… magic begins. Read on to see how your favorite heroes get on with the 6 Best Spider-Man RWBY Crossover Fanfictions.

1. Spider-Man: Web of Remnant

Author: Epiclot214

Chapters: 9

Words: 15,651

Story: What do you get when you cross two of the most popular series ever? A Spiderman RWBY crossover is sure to please fans of both. Times are tough for Peter Parker. After being sucked into a strange portal, the young superhero finds himself in a world called Remnant. Here, he’s forced to team up with a mysterious, red-hooded girl and battle all sorts of monsters and criminals. Thankfully, Spider-Man has his web-slinging skills to help him take down evildoers. Don’t miss out on this action-packed crossover adventure!

2. Web of Remnant: The Roman Conspiracy

Author: Epiclot214

Chapters: 12

Words: 19,567

Story: Awesome sequel to Spider-Man: Web of Remnant. Now Peter Parker has revealed his identity as Spider-Man to Team RWBY, they knew they could count on him to help them uncover the conspiracy behind Roman Torchwick and the White Fang. Web of Remnant is a crossover adventure fans won’t want to miss!

3. Spiritual Afterlife

Author: Cornholio4

Chapters: 1

Words: 1,458

Story: Introducing Spiritual Afterlife, you’ll help Peter Parker navigate his strange new surroundings in this well-written one-shot. With echoes of the Snap still ringing in his ears, Peter searches for answers in a place that’s both familiar and totally foreign. Luckily, he makes a friend in Ruby Rose – a girl from another universe who’s also struggling to make sense of her new reality. Together, they’ll explore the secrets of this bizarre world and try to find their way home.

4. RWBY Spider one-shot: The Next Spider-Man

Author: HaloGoji75

Chapters: 1

Words: 3,290

Story: You’re in for a thrill with this RWBY Spiderman fanfiction one-shot! With the city of Vale in chaos, Spider-Man and his team are the only things standing between justice and anarchy. Whether it’s jumping rooftops or webbing up criminals, these heroes know how to get the job done. Don’t miss out on this one-shot crossover event that will leave you wanting more!

5. New York’s Neopolitan

Author: Vumanchu

Chapters: 14

Words: 74,774

Story: Looking for an exciting RWBY Spiderman crossover fanfiction? Look no further than New York’s Neopolitan! This action-packed story follows Neo as she falls into a new world and embarks on an adventure with Spiderman. With thrilling battles and unpredictable twists, this is a must-read for any fan of both universes. Buckle up for a roller coaster ride full of action, adventure, and romance!

6. S.P.D.R

Author: BWolf2

Chapters: 40

Read Time: 7h 13m

Story: In a world of RWBY and Spider-man, S.P.D.R brings you the best of both worlds! Join Peter Parker as he navigates the dangerous waters of the criminal underworld while still protecting the innocent civilians of Vale. With great power comes great responsibility, and with S.P.D.R you can experience all the adventure and excitement of Spider-Man yourself!


If you’re looking for an exciting crossover fanfiction that will leave you wanting more, be sure to check out the 6 Best Spider-Man RWBY Crossover Fanfictions. They’re all great but one of our favorites is Spider-Man: Web of Remnant which follows Peter Parker as he’s sucked into a strange portal and forced to team up with Ruby Rose. Suspenseful, action-packed, and full of twists, this story is sure to please fans of both universes So, what are you waiting for? Get your popcorn ready and read away!

Did You Know?

“Both Weiss and Ruby are left-handed. This is because Monty Oum, creator of RWBY was also a Leftie!”

“Ren was originally voiced by Monty Oum, but after his passing, the role was given to his brother Neath Oum!”

“RWBY’s main characters are based on fairy tale princesses – Ruby Rose is Red Riding Hood, Weiss Schnee is Snow White, Blake Belladonna is Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Yang Xiao is Goldilocks!”


How long has RWBY been around?

RWBY is a long-running animated TV series in which the first episode was released on July 18th, 2013. The series was created by Monty Oum, who unfortunately passed away on February 1st, 2015. This did not stop the series from going strong – it continues to be popular with fans!

How do you pronounce RWBY?

RWBY is pronounced “Ruby” (like the gemstone) and Ruby Rose, is one of the 4 lead characters.

Is RWBY Spiderman fanfiction any good?

If you are a fan of both universes, you will love the Spider-Man and RWBY crossovers. They combine your favorite characters into one universe and tell stories you would never see anywhere else.

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