Disney’s Star Wars franchise is a story that has been told through many different mediums. From the original trilogy to books, comics and video games, there is no shortage of content from this galaxy far, far away. There is so much content out there that it is surprising that people even have time to read fanfiction at all, although, some of the best Star Wars stories that I have come across have been posted as easy to digest one-shots.

Best Star Wars One Shots

What are Star Wars One-Shots?

A Star Wars one-shot is a short story, usually under 20,000 words and written in a single chapter: hence the name one-shot. These short stories are fanfictions and can be used to explore a character’s backstory or what they were doing in between movies. They can be used to tell new stories about other parts of the galaxy or answer questions that have not been answered in canon. The possibilities are endless with this format of writing and these types of stories are extremely popular because they can usually be read very quickly which can be very satisfying.

Why Read Star Wars One-Shot Fanfics?

There are many reasons why fans might want to take a look at one-shots in the Star Wars fandom. One of the main reasons people read one-shots is that they are short stories that can be read in a short amount of time so the reader can finish them quickly and consume more in one sitting. One-shot fanfictions are also great for explaining events that happened in the short space of time between scenes or storylines that canon has missed or passed over very quickly. Some of my favorite headcanon has come in the form of one-shots.

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What to Expect from Star Wars One-Shot Fanfiction?

There are many different kinds of one-shots that are available in the Star Wars fandom. From epic space battles to brawls in backwater planet cantinas, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some one-shot fanfictions tell stories about what happened between the movies, some focus on exploring characters and their backstory and some retell canon events from a different character’s point of view. Star Wars one-shots can also be set anywhere in the canon timeline, or they can be set in alternate universes where events unfold differently from how we know it. One thing is for sure, these stories will keep you entertained!

9 Best Star Wars One-Shots

The one-shots that we have listed below are just a few of the great stories that have been written, all of which I recommend reading if you would like to expand your knowledge of the Star Wars fandom.

1. Star Wars: The Dread Lord of the Sith

Author: Fainmaca

Chapters: 1

Words: 6,218

Story: The Dread Lord of the Sith is a dark and thrilling tale of ambition, betrayal, and redemption. When young Kallig sets out on a quest for power, he little realizes the terrible danger he will face. With enemies at every turn, can Kallig claim the ultimate prize and become the leader of the Sith? Fast-paced and full of surprises, The Dread Lord of the Sith is an adventure you won’t want to miss, so join us on the dark side!

2. Star Wars: Friendly-Fire (A story of Delta Squad and Order 66)

Author: Darth-Slayer171

Chapters: 1

Words: 12,865

Story: Delta Squad is a team of highly skilled clone troopers, and in this one-shot fanfiction, you’ll follow them before and after the events of Order 66. Delta Squad is sent on a routine mission, but things quickly go awry. As they fight their way through the enemy lines, they must grapple with the choices they’ve made in order to survive. With danger lurking at every turn, can Delta Squad make it out alive?

3. Sands of Kintan

Author: TelcontarGK

Chapters: 1

Words: 24,333

Story: Step into a galaxy far, far away with Sands of Kintan! The galaxy is in peril! The new government of Mandalore has come to the aid of Kintan, under the thumb of Hutt gangsters for too long. Now, the defenders of freedom stand together against a common enemy. Can they restore justice to this troubled world? Read the Sands of Kintan and find out!

4. Star Wars Chronicles: Purge

Author: Drifter2000

Chapters: 1

Words: 8,152

Story: As the galaxy mourns the fall of the Jedi, a lone warrior fights to rebuild what has been lost. This one-shot Star Wars fanfic brings us six years after Revenge of the Sith and follows a lone Jedi survivor as he struggles to rebuild his life. But, when duty calls, he must answer – even if it means putting his own safety at risk. This gripping tale is a great read and will leave you wanting more!

5. Star Wars: The Trouble with Clones

Author: Rhysati Ynr

Chapters: 1

Words: 6,319

Story: A new, never-before-seen adventure in the Star Wars galaxy! In this exciting one-shot fanfic set on the world of Khomm, the two knights must team up to battle a horde of clones gone rogue. With lightsaber skills and Force powers galore, will these two prevail? There is only one way to find out, you will have to read it to see for yourself!

6. Broken Faith

Author: Major Xero

Chapters: 1

Words: 10,002

Story: Enter a galaxy of terror and suspense with Broken Faith, an original Star Wars one-shot fanfic based on the movie Saw. Six Jedi Knights are sent to investigate a disturbance in the Force, but they quickly find themselves in over their heads. With death lurking around every corner, will they make it out alive? Or will they be broken? With only their wits and training to guide them, you will have to read the story to find out.

7. Star Wars: Legends of The Old Republic

Author: Darkangelluss

Chapters: 1

Words: 13,697

Story: In this Star Wars fanfic, the Jedi are almost finished, and the galaxy is in turmoil. Following the execution of Order 66, the Republic is crumbling under the rule of Emperor Palpatine. But hope may still be found in a legacy from 5000 years ago, in the Old Republic. You will have to read it to explore the Old Republic and discover ancient secrets that could save the galaxy!

8. Star Wars: Parsecs

Author: Kjmcdougall

Chapters: 1

Words: 7,212

Story: Star Wars: Parsecs is a one-shot fanfiction adventure that takes place in Pria Solan’s backwater tavern, The Bloody Mynock. This is the perfect place to find outlaws and bad men who are willing to take on any job regardless of risk. Tam Wy’zan, a down on his luck pilot, is spurred on by the challenge and decides to take on a job. How will he fare? With exciting fast-paced action, Star Wars: Parsecs will keep you so engrossed, you will have it read quicker than Han can do the Kessel run!

9. The Legend of Sejr

Author: Jdog2012

Chapters: 1

Words: 10,490

Story: Step into a galaxy long, long ago into the era known as the Republic Dark Age with The Legend of Sejr. Set a thousand years ago during the Republic Dark Age, it tells the story of Darth Ruin and his New Sith Empire as they wage war against the Jedi and the Republic. Amidst all this chaos, a legend is born. The Legend of Sejr is an essential read for any Star Wars fan.


The Star Wars franchise has captivated an entire generation and beyond. The fandom is so expansive it’s difficult to put into words. In this article, we have given you our 9 Best Star Wars One-Shots that are worthy of your attention. You can find everything from a thrilling tale set on Mandalore to one where Jedi Knights take on the Sith Empire in the aftermath of Order 66. Whatever type of story you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone. If you have come across any that we have missed, let us know so we can take a peek!

Did You Know?

“The original Jabba the Hutt puppet took 7 people to control!”

“Chewbacca is already 200 years old by the start of A New Hope!”

“The Bantha in the original movie was an elephant with prosthetic horns and a wig!”

“George Lucas’ original working title for his first movie was ‘Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode One: The Star Wars’!”


Which is the best Star Wars movie?

All fan lists and forums seem to be in agreement that Episode V The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie. This film was released in 1980 and still has not been toppled by any of the modern movies.

Does Star Wars take place in the past or the future?

Although the Star Wars universe is more advanced than ours, the Star Wars franchise is set in the past as the opening scene always starts with ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…’

Why did Disney sell Lucasfilm?

Disney has not sold Lucasfilm. Disney purchased Lucasfilm for $4 billion in 2012 and still owns it today.

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