The Pokémon anime and video game series are full of villains. Most of them are just petty criminals looking for a quick buck, but there’s always one that stands out from the pack: Team Rocket! These guys have been around since day one and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. They’re constantly trying to get in our hero Ash Ketchum’s way as he tries to be the best Pokémon trainer ever, but they also have their own fanbase and their own stories to tell. That’s why today we’re taking a look at 8 stories about things these baddies do while they aren’t hunting down Pikachu or stealing rare Pokemon!

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What is Team Rocket Fanfiction?

Team Rocket fanfiction is a genre of fan fiction that revolves around the criminal organization Team Rocket from the Pokémon anime and video game series. These stories are written by fans who have come up with their own characterizations and scenarios involving everyone’s favorite anime baddies.

Why Read Team Rocket Fanfiction?

First and foremost, it is fun. These stories are written by fans of the series, and it’s always interesting to see people’s take on characters that weren’t necessarily meant to be fleshed out. Even if you don’t like Team Rocket as characters, there can be a lot of great stories here that can be appreciated. Many of these stories also bridge the gap between Team Rocket’s appearances in the anime/video game series and their absence. The writers often try to explain what the characters were up to when they weren’t around in the official story.

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What to Expect from Team Rocket Fanfics?

Team Rocket fanfics are a great way to explore other aspects of characters that otherwise wouldn’t be explored in the anime series. These stories help to flesh out the Team Rocket trio’s antics, their interactions with each other and Ash, and all their schemes behind the scenes. These stories, like all fanfiction, are meant to be fun. Team Rocket has captured our hearts through their catchphrase “Prepare for trouble!”, and these stories won’t let you down!

8 Best Team Rocket Fanfictions

Now that you know more about the genre of Team Rocket fan fiction, it’s time to get to some stories!

1. Rocket Academy

Author: RosieShiba

Chapters: 27

Words: 104,213

Story: Dawn and her friends are the only hope for the world as Team Rocket has taken over and silenced anyone who complained. The children have been taken away and put in Rocket Academy. However, Dawn and her friends may have a secret plan to save everyone. Join them on their exciting adventure!

2. I Want to Join Team Rocket

Author: Crazy Amazing

Chapters: 12

Words: 32,381

Story: Team Rocket has always been a fascinating organization. What could be better than exploring the training that new recruits go through? Most people want to take down Team Rocket, but Daphne and her partner experience the highs and lows of being part of Team Rocket. It’s an intriguing story with plenty of twists and turns!

3. Sex, Drugs and Team Rocket

Author: Tiggerkiddo

Chapters: 21

Words: 144,662

Story: The party is on and anything can happen! When Ethan, Jasmine, and Homika go to see Unova’s hottest new rocker, they never expect to run into Team Rocket. These evil villains are up to no good, and it’s up to our heroes to stop them! This is one Team Rocket fanfiction you don’t want to miss!

4. My Disadvantage

Author: Prettygirl17

Chapters: 21

Words: 82,780

Story: Take a peek inside the Pokemon underworld with this Team Rocket fanfiction. This Team Rocket fanfic tells the story of Ash and his first mission as a Team Rocket member. What happens when he meets and starts falling for a girl linked to his mission? Will their relationship survive the danger? With drama, humor, action, and romance, this story has it all!

5. Full Moon

Author: Voyager Wisp

Chapters: 5

Words: 37,473

Story: What Team Rocket fanfiction is complete without a talking Meowth? Giovanni ‘acquires’ the troublesome feline for himself, but soon discovers that Meowth might be more of a liability than an asset. Is he valuable enough to keep around, or will Team Rocket’s boss eliminate him?

6. Slowpoke Tails and Koffing Fumes

Author: TheKuraning

Chapters: 41

Words: 178,032

Story: This isn’t your average fanfiction. It’s a Team Rocket fanfiction. And not just any Team Rocket fanfiction, it’s the story of Proton and Petrel – two of the most infamous members of the organization. Join them as they adventure their way through the ranks of Team Rocket, making plenty of mistakes along the way. Laugh out loud at their shenanigans and see how things ultimately play out for them.

7. Home Is Where the R Is

Author: Anna Sartin

Chapters: 14

Words: 77,486

Story: This fanfiction is sure to capture the hearts of all Team Rocket fans. Follow Giovanni’s niece as she begins a new life with her uncle and learns what it truly means to be part of the Rockets. With both of them adjusting to their new roles, this novel is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish.

8. Pokémon: The Lost Quest

Author: Yingyang90

Chapters: 26

Words: 169,516

Story: Meowth has been separated from Jessie and James and is forced to fend for himself in the Kalos region. With the help of Ash and his friends, Meowth must search for his friends and uncover the truth about Team Rocket. Will he be reunited with Jessie and James? Or will he be forever lost?


Whether you’re a fan of the anime or video games, Team Rocket is sure to capture your attention. And while they are often the villains, some fans have taken it upon themselves to tell their own stories about these characters. From drama and romance to humor and adventure, these 15 fanfiction stories are sure to entertain. So, if you’re looking for a good read, be sure to check out these amazing Team Rocket fanfictions!

Did You Know?

“The Team Rocket uniform is a nod to the Japanese bike gang, Bousozoku!”

“Team Rocket actually funded and created the Pokemon Mewtwo themselves!”

“In a series called Pokemon live, Giovanni dated Ash’s Mum – this is not considered canon!”

“The design of Meowth is based on the Japanese myth, Maneki-Neko. A cat that’s said to bring good luck and prosperity into your life if you own one!”


Are Team Rocket really bad guys?

Yes, Team Rocket are really bad guys. They are a criminal organization that seeks to steal and exploit Pokémon for their own gain. They often use violence and intimidation to get what they want, and they have caused a lot of harm to both people and Pokémon over the years.

Does Team Rocket ever turn good?

It’s hard to say for sure whether or not any specific faction of Team Rocket has ever turned good. But overall, the answer is probably no. Mainstream Team Rocket has always been about crime and villainy, and there’s no indication that this is changing anytime soon.

Why does Team Rocket steal Pokémon?

Team Rocket steals Pokémon because they want to use them for their own purposes. They believe that they are the rightful owners of all Pokémon and that it is their right to control them. They also think that by using powerful Pokémon, they can take over the world.

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